PEACE in the City

8:27:00 PM

Hello from Dubai, again! 

Peace is a luxury. It is something that we all consciously or subconsciously aim to achieve. The city is always fast paced, competitive, overwhelming, too hectic and sometimes stressful. How do we find peace, amidst it all?

Whatever we are aiming for in life, we need to keep on searching for it. Or find it within ourselves. Peace. If we haven't found it yet, we just need to keep on looking.

These photos were shot last month, in February, the day after I came back from London in between video shots captured for aere's Dubai video fashion presentation, happening right now at Dubai City Walk. We shot this around KLCC park area.

Here I am wearing aere's ALAIDA Tweed Abaya in Beige from aere's PEACE collection exclusively launched at the Cove Beach Dubai our second fashion show in Dubai on 27th March 2018. The show featured aere amongst the few selected brand by Fashion Valet to come up with a Ramadhan abaya range and all abaya pieces come together with complementing aere scarf adorned with aere's signature charm. aere's first ever scarf release!

The timeless abaya silhouette acts as a cover up for any top, bottoms or dresses. It features fresh Japanese tweed finishing. The feminine ALAIDA is complemented with classic tweed panels on the front side, sleeves, as well as a V-panelled finishing across the back top bodice, achieving the perfect balance of softness and structure. 

A few more days in Dubai before I head back to KL. Just realised that I will be arriving KL at 8am in the morning and I have a press conference to attend at 11am. It might mean that I would have to go straight. Will see how but may all be well!


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