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Everyone knows that a special occasion calls for a special outfit and I've been working on a few designs with that in mind. Something luxe and elegant without being over the top. I had a special outing recently (26th december 2017), and I thought it was the best outing to wear the delicate and graceful DAENNE Cowl Neck Top and GENNA Ruffle Skirt together. The GENNA's ruffles are just so flowy and the draping effect at the back is just .... LOVE!

What was the special occasion? Actually it was just a family dinner. But family outings are special for me, especially as most of my brothers are just starting their careers and it's harder to gather everyone around. But it was a special night as we were celebrating my mother's birthday and recent achievements of the family members that night. 

Anyways, hows your Saturday going? I've been spending the whole day going out with the family earlier (to a wedding and strolling by the park and after dinner (my fave ikan patin gulai tempoyak is readehhh now and I can't wait to eat it with my fam after I publish this post) I need to plan out some outfits and start packing for my next trip. It's a hectic and busy time indeed but I will try and find time to blog about the many many things that have been happening recently!

Have a great weekend!

Also wearing Sugarscarf. 
Photos by Abdullah Khubayb


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