Nostalgia and Modernity

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Balancing nostalgia with modernity. 

Taking something vintage and nostalgic and the memories tied to it to create something fresh and modern. That is what the inspiration of aere's CHANGE collection which was previewed at KL Fashion Week as well as Singapore Fashion Week is all about. These photos were captured by my husband at my parents'  home and at the back are my father's vintage and antique collector's items.

I'm wearing a piece of CHANGE here. The inspiration of aere's ANNORA Shirt I'm wearing here is actually my mom's gorgeous top which she  has worn since as far as I can remember when I probably was a little kid. I love the dusty salmon blush colour, the silky slightly shiny but not too shiny look, the loose fit and the perfectly placed buttons. It was really simple but the moment I started going to uni and when I started working I love how I could wear it to work underneath my jacket and sometimes just for fun when I go out for casual outings. It was one of my favourite classic items from her whole collection of clothes. Just like this ANNORA Shirt. A classic aere piece. 

The only thing is that for the ANNORA Shirt, we added the tied up bow detailing at the sleeves as well as an even more exaggerated collar than the vintage piece which I used to wear a lot till it was really worn out! The ANNORA is available in 3 colours, one of the colours is blush which is so similar with my mom's  shirt which I used to wear a lot! I was so excited when I picked the fabric and when I saw the colour I just knew I had to produce it and share it with everyone! I wore the BLUSH ANNORA during aere's KLFW show earlier in August this year and it was the comfiest piece of clothing though I was running around backstage.

Change is something we all go through. Progress or self-improvement would not be possible without change. Each of us want to embrace change while trying to stay true to yourself, your roots and your inner character. This is what we want to portray in the CHANGE collection.

More designs to be released this week. Stay tuned  to aere's IG for updates!

Outfit Details :

aere's ANNORA Shirt
aere's VERUS Pants


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