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Life can be grey, but the sun will still shine on yo face
Hi guys. It's that time of the year again, where I'm coaxed to give up my full-time vocation to fulfill my true calling: as an #aereMEN model! I wrote here as a guest last year (read : here) so here I am, back again, without any persuasion whatsoever (but I'll finally be allowed back in the house as soon as I post this! - joking!).

After last year's success with the first aereMEN design that pretty much sold out, aere has come out with various new designs for the men this year, and I have to say, they're pretty neat. My personal favourites are the ZEN Top (co-designed by moi) and the KADE Top, but the ZERUS top I'm wearing here in this post is a close third. All of the designs have so far steered away from the traditional baju melayu, mostly so it can be worn outside of raya as well.

the mandarin "MAO" collar. Katakan anda MAO!
Simple and minimalist design is the sort of thing that I prefer - The ZERUS is made of very lightweight fabric, so it's very breathable and cooling. The Mandarin Collar keeps everything prim and proper if you button it up. The ZERUS Top's fit is moderate and loose. The length is also slightly longer than normal shirts, so that guys can also keep their bums covered and hidden. #modesty

And of course, the Cool-For-Pics® hidden pockets on the ZERUS Top makes perfect sense for me to put my keys and wallet when I go for prayers in my kain pelikat. They say that a man's hands can tell you much about him. So keep them hidden and give nothing away. Deep, right.

Anyways, aere's team has also up their game on their pants - The RAEA Pants features turn-up pant cuffs that's a definite style statement for the blokes and the ZEUS Pants that I'm wearing has adjustable side tabs if you want to wear it without a belt. And of course, the double slanted right pockets that I proposed for last year's design have been retained - Loads of guys have told me how these double pockets have totally changed their lives, improved their confidence, regained receding hairlines, helped end wars, and so on.

These Hidden Hands

It's clear to me that aere is not content on resting on their laurels. They have come out with a few more designs (although the bloke favourite KALED Top makes a sort-of comeback in this year's reincarnation as the BAEL Top in Black and White) and made various improvements to the design, stitching and finishing after taking into account feedback on their designs last year.

This Raya, make your very own kneok's fist meme with this pic!

Your wallet is kept hidden, but ready to be whipped out at a moment's notice to pay for your wife's raya spree

Subtle touch in the design

I'm sure there's a design (or three) that'll definitely appeal to the men reading this or the men in your life. On top of the men's designs, aere has also come out with the kids range - after a lot of clamouring from their followers. That's everyone sorted for Raya. That's it from me, folks. Enjoy the fasting month!

I'm wearing:

Wearing aereMEN gives me the confidence to even get in a staring contest with the sun. It blinked first.

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