My Ramadhan Reflections: 2017

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So it's Ramadhan! Thankful to meet this month yet again. A friend whatsapped me earlier today asking me how's my Ramadhan been so far, and I just answered "busyyyy". Not sure if that's appropriate but I was just honestly expressing how it has been the past few weeks or past few months maybe! Even more so now with aere's releases for the LIFE collection so there are just so many things happening behind-the-scenes and I'm super duper grateful to have an awesome, hardworking, talented and young team at aere who have been working day and night tirelessly giving their best in the tasks at hand. 

My friend was also saying how she was trying to imagine how my daily activities are really like when I say that I'm super busy at the moment and honestly, I just can't even begin to explain it. I'm in the "just get everything done" kind of mode. It's challenging and can be quite stressful at times but thank God and all praises to Him I loveeee what I'm doing.

I've been away for work a lot and have also been travelling quite a bit too this year. It really has been a crazy crazy period but then again after almost 3 years being in the fashion industry for aere, I must say that its nothing new. It's normal for this period to be crazy! I have been working throughout the weekends this past two months and this past weekend was a brief respite - although I continued working from home. Juggling family and work is an impossible task, but I have been trying to steal some family time here and there - without much success.

But I thank God for the timeliness of the fasting month that has come to greet us again. At least I get to spend some time with the family during sahur between 4.30am to 5.30 am even though most times I'm either half-asleep or sleepwalking through sahur.  Also, I hope to try and break fast at home with the family as much as I can. I remember the years before and even last year I did not manage to break fast with the husband or the family much because of work. What more when I was a practising lawyer, I didnt have time to break fast with family even during weekends.

I think I've shared here earlier this year on how after almost a decade working like crazy, I think it's time for me to make some time for family. And this year, I'm going to try that. We will see how it goes and hey, even though we might not be perfect right now, but at least there's improvement or progress right. It's a struggle and a goal that I still hope I can achieve.

Ramadhan to me has come at the perfect time, as I was about to be swept away in the hectic and crazy current of this temporary life. It's come at a time to force me to reflect spiritually and is sweeping me away to help me try to change and improve myself to become better. And I hope that I will come out of this month better than when I enter it.

Anyways, here are some photos taken a while ago after the shoot done for a special secret project with FV. Blogged about it at Book of LIFE recently. Can't wait for it to be out in the open! I like this outfit because it's blue, it's calming and fits the river of LIFE metaphor I'm using in my reflection.

LIFE, eh? It's like a river that can take you to many different directions. Sometimes allowing yourself to be swept away is a good thing - so many small little things have pushed me in the direction I am going in now that I have never dreamed of - but sometimes it's also good to stand your ground and fight the currents. It's just so easy to get lost in the rat race. Ramadhan is a good reminder to stand firm and focus on your spiritual and inner self too - and reflect on ourself, our goals and where we are headed, both in this world and the next.

Hope you have a blessed Ramadhan with your loved ones!

Outfit Details :
aere's recently released DANEA Top in Silver and CAELI Pants both from aere's LIFE collection for Eid.

Photo by Hazimah


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