Flying Off to Shenzhen China

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Hi guys, this year has been so hectic and I've just realised that it's already approaching the end of the year. I also realise that I haven't finished blogging about most of the happenings and important events that has happened this year. Alhamdulillah, I've been travelling to a number of unexpected places this year, either for work, for aere, blogging jobs or with the family. 

The year started off with a trip to Langkawi ('That Special Dinner on the First' and 'Sands of Gold') with the hubster for new year's and our 10th Anniversary. Then in March this year, I went to Shenzhen and Shanghai, China for an unplanned adventure! In fact, most of my travels this year were unplanned or really impromptu.

I heard at quite the last minute from Vivy that Asma' was going to a textile fair on 16th - 17th March 2016 in Shanghai. So I thought of going together with her to look for Raya and KLFW fabrics as I was working on both collections for aere at the time. However, a few months before that I had already committed myself and agreed with TV3 to give a talk on the 17th of March 2016. So, I was initially 50-50 about going to China because of the talk that I had to give. But, at the same time I dint want to miss it!

Anyways, since the idea of going to a textile fair was really enticing, I also wanted to make  sure that the trip to China was worthwhile so I quickly planned meetings with different factories, old and new, that were primarily in Shenzen. I figured I could manage to squeeze it in before the textile fair in China. 

So, I whatsapped Asma' and we planned our places to stay and our tickets so that we can go together. We had less than 5 days to prepare for the trip. FIVE DAYS! The meetings with the factories were mostly for the Raya collection and the fabric search was for KLFW.

After I've bought the flight tickets and booked the hotel, I realised something. I didnt have my physical passport. Searched for it everywhere but it was nowhere to be found. I was super duper nervous because tickets have already been bought and plus, I needed to apply for a Visa! I could only apply for the Visa after I had to re-do a new passport. And side time was so short, I wasn't sure whether I'd be granted a visa in time. It was really nerve wrecking and I almost didnt get the passport in time. Finally, I managed to meet a very helpful officer who really pushed my passport application very fast. Finally! The rest didn't allow it initially. And I was super relieved when I got my Chinese Visa in time. Phew. The people at the Immigration counters were really helpful and made it work. May God bless their souls and reward them for their kindness.

My trip to Shenzhen and Shanghai was  productive, quite eventful and quite fun. Managed to bond a bit more with Asma' too as it was our first time travelling together. I'll share more on my next post. But before that, here's the outfit that I wore for my flight from KL to Shenzhen. Needed something comfy for travelling so I chose the LELIA Top and KYRA Skants from aere's Essence of Grace collection. Realised that I wore the LELIA Top in 'Flying with the Wind" where I blogged about my airport look from KL to Langkawi. Oh well maybe the sleeves gives me the flying vibe so subconsciously I chose to wear this while travelling.

Anyways, I really hope I can share more about my travels this year. I think I have almost if not more than 100,000 photos taken from my camera in my hard disk this year alone. Looking at my phone, I have about more than 30,000 photos. When I took those photos, most of them were meant to be shared here in the blog but of course some of it I've shared on Instagram.

Actually wanted to take these shots at the airport, but we were both waiting for Deepa at the time and she was late for more than an hour! LOL! So, since we were waiting by the road at KL Sentral, we decided to take the shots here (very very quickly) instead. 

More on the next post!

Photo by Khubayb aka @kneok


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