Titans of Time

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They say that one of the keys to success is to control time. Of course, time isn’t something you can control except for your own. 

There are so many things that you can do to control your time. For me, I always try to plan my week ahead, I have a to-do list, I set reminders on my phone and laptop to prompt me. Of course, there are just so many things you can do in a day, but it’s always good to get into the habit. 

Keeping time is always better when you have a reliable watch with you too.

With Bobo Stephanie and Suraya Sulatin

Late lunch! The food was awesome!

Sat with Bobo and Sixthseal, Huai Bin Poh 

I was honoured to be invited to the launch of Titan’s newest collection: the Raga Moonlight collection. Titan is one of the leading companies in the world of watches - with them being the 5th largest watchmaker in the world and is making its presence felt in Malaysia with Chronosoft Sdn Bhd. And boy do they mean business! 

My door gift!

Each guest was given a Titan watch as a door gift, which was a really unexpected but very pleasant surprise. I got a ruby dial titan watch with beautiful Swarovski crystal hour markers in stainless steel bracelet that was really beautiful. The dial even had two hearts in it, which was a sweet touch. But this wasn’t the only surprise I got that day. Anyways, at the event I mingled with the guests and some other bloggers including Bobo Stephanie and had the pleasure of meeting the sweet and kind Suraya Sulatin for the first time.

With fellow blogger Sabby Prue

The event was officiated by Mr. Vijesh Rajan. The Business Head of the International Division. The collection presented had really beautiful watches. The one that caught my eye were beautiful watches adorned with Swarovski crystals and pearls. According to Mr. Vijesh, the collection represents the interpretation of beautiful objects that are touched by moonlight. Priced between RM 375 to RM 1985, the Titan collection is available at major watch stores in Malaysia.

At the end of the event, they announced that they had a best-dressed contest for the guests. I was looking at my bag and was really surprised when they announced that I had won the best-dressed award. The launch was held in conjunction with Christmas and had a merry red theme. I actually just casually put on my red aere zerene sequinned jacket over a plain black top and paired it with aere’s skirt (See my post I SEE RED), but had no idea there was a best-dressed award. I was a bit speechless when they asked me to go up and receive the prize.

I received another Titan watch, which was a really exquisite piece that had a mother of pearl dial and embellished with Swarovski crystal and a white leather strap. This was the beautiful watch I said I won which I also wore in my ORA & ILARIA post. I must say that Titan really knows how to design beautiful watches designed for women that looks good as accessories as well as tell time. The men’s watches were nice too. I saw some of the watches the guys received as their door gifts and the watches are something I know my husband would like.

So, at the event I received two brand new and very beautiful watches. It was such a small blessing and I am very thankful to receive these two really unexpected surprises and add to my small collection of watches. So do keep a look out for this brand. I’m sure there’s a watch that you’ll enjoy.


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