Kicking off 2016 with Nature and Travelling

12:06:00 PM

How's 2016 so far? Mine has been amazing Alhamdulillah. :) Still on a high. I went for  a getaway with the husband for our special day (10th anni) and we spent it relaxing and connecting with nature. we took so many photos too as usual and I'll be sharing it in the blog soon. For now, I'll share with you some photos from one of the days we spent doing some activity at a private island. We took a half day boat ride exploring caves, rivers, the sea and an island. Here, we had to climb up the stairs and go down to go to a place with an amazing view which I'll share in my next post.

Candid shot he captured when I was already tired after climbing up the stairs.

I wore a comfortable outfit as I know that we had to move around a lot. I'm wearing aere's RAYNA Flared Pleated Sleeve TopMimpikita Flare Cullotes in Emerald Green and Peanut Butter dUCkscarves.


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  1. aman nya tgk tempat ni...
    terjatuh cinta pulak

  2. You know that you look stunning in every photos you pose. Keep it up with your 2016 life! xo