Flying with the Wind

11:00:00 AM

I started 2016 with travelling. 2015 has given me many beautiful memories. Good and bad. I'm trying my best to learn from all the amazing experiences, unexpected twist and turns, wonderful surprises,the ease and hardships, and now I'm going to just go through what life brings me in 2016. Flying where the wind brings me. 

Khubayb captured these photos very quickly when the plane we were on reached the airport while we were walking from the airplane towards the exit. It was really extremely windy at the runway and my scarf and sleeves were flying all over. I had fun snap chatting the moments. (By the way I started to snapchat a lot for the first time that day and finally understood what the hype amongst my friends were all about)

All praises to God another year has passed, I'm alive and still breathing and excited to go through 2016 and insyaAllah I'll still be able to blog and continue updating the blog, if God wills it. May the Most Loving and Most Merciful determine what's best for all of us this year.

I wanted a top which has sleeves which looks like wings so I made this LELIA Tulip Sleeve Top through aere. Some say it reminds them of butterflies, some say firefly and some, like an angel :) So what do you think the top looks like? I paired it with this amazing structured skirt from Mimpikita , Sofina 3 bag and Yadotsa galaxy print scarf. 

Yadotsa scarf
Photo by Khubayb aka @kneok


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