Journey to India 2 : Leaving My Comfort Zone

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Wow! I can't believe it has been almost one year since my last post about my trip to India. aere recently turned 1 year old, as aere was launched on 28th October 2014. I went through a lot of photos of my journey with and for aere and I reminisced a lot of the highlights that I've been through with aere that I've been wanting to share here on the blog and stumbled upon these photos (among many many others) but haven't really had the time to. I've shared bits and pieces on my Instagram account but I just haven't really gotten around to just share everything that I've captured and learned from growing with aere.

I actually compiled the photos and materials before aere's birthday and intended to post it a few weeks ago but something happened which affected me personally. That brought the idea to a halt. It's sort of an emergency that I've been dealing with recently which have also affected my wellbeing. But in conjunction with aere's birthday, I started an #aereTurns1 hashtag on aere's IG though and did a special sale for aere's lovers for 5 days from 28th October 2015 till my birthday, 1st November 2015.

One of the highlights was of course, my journey to India. I first blogged about this back in December 2014, last year in my post Journey to India 1 : A Whole New World. Well, I just shared the comfortable and versatile look I wore to travel for the 6 hours flight. Now for this post, I'm just going to kickstart blogging again.

So anyway the buying trip was organised by PUNB (Perbadanan Usahawan Nasional Berhad) in collaboration with Mydin and we went there with other delegates from different companies. My trip was sponsored by Fashion Valet and I went with Azrina Bakar, or I call her Ina. Alhamdulillah. As mentioned in my earlier post One Year with FV I work a lot with Ina for aere since I started aere in June last year. Other than India, we have also been to China together in July 2014. Mostly, we work on the designs and production together and we grew quite close as well as we travelled and worked on aere together.

I had to prepare for the trip in a rush as I only got to know about it one week before the trip and I had to settle the visa application as well as all the pending work for aere before I travelled. It was quite hectic as we didn't expect to go on this trip at all.

Anyways, both our husbands Khubayb and Edi came to send us off at the airport of course. It wasn't all emotional though because it wasn't the first time they sent us off for a trip overseas together. Haha.

Plus, as much as we were quite nervous going to a country we've never been before for the first time it felt good and we felt safe in a delegation. Our husbands told Ina and me to take care of each other. And along the way we got to know the other kind and friendly delegates so we were comforted. Yes we were nervous having heard some wonderful and not so wonderful stories about India, but we were also super excited. We heard that it was a beautiful and experience-rich country but we had to be careful of certain things. 

We saw the very detailed itinerary the delegation prepared for us and there wasn't much rest time. It was packed. It was no sight-seeing holiday, for sure. It was really a hectic buying mission but we couldn't wait to experience a whole new country for ourselves and how they conduct business over there. Sometimes we just have to be brave, be confident and push ourselves even when there are little voices of fear inside. 

However, when we reached Mumbai airport something happened. We were on a different flight from all the other delegates. It was just us two and their flight left first. Something happened when we reached Mumbai (Bombay) and then we were stranded and separated from the delegates!! Haha. Just when we were looking forward to it, this had to happen!

I'll share the photos of us at Mumbai airport and the story of what happened in my next post of this series. (I try to not make the blog wait another year for the next post). :D


Till my next post on this! Below are some photos of me with the husband and Ina just before we left for our incredible eye-opening India journey. 

Outfit details :
Paripari shawls


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