A Modern and Chic Muse

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During the festive season such as Raya, there are days when you just want to throw on a relaxed and casual outfit. Today, however, you can still have a relaxed and casual look while making a statement too!. Determined to make a bold, yet subtle statement, I decided to pair this black Carina top and Vela skirt (both from aere) with a light pink shawl topped off with a black and gold belt to show the world that I am ready for them. That I mean business.  

To me, Raya is not just about wearing kurungs and kebayas. There is nothing wrong with being a little creative for Raya. Is it common? Maybe not. But it’s comfortable and adds a little funk and variety!

The colour combination Black, Gold and peach pink of this OOTD is, amongst others, inspired a little by the Modern Muse Chic from Estee Lauder.

Estee Lauder is one of my favourite fragrances. I blogged about the Modern Muse perfume last year here. (http://www.rnadia.com/2014/07/the-scent-of-modern-muse-be-inspiration.html) and I am excited for the Modern Muse Chic. This July 2015, Estee Lauder will be introducing the Modern Muse Chic, a new fragrance that blends in two contrasting scents: Vivid Florals and Ebony Woods! I really, really just can’t wait.

But what does modern muse mean and what does it entail?

To me – a Modern Muse is a strong-willed woman, who knows what she wants and she is deeply confident in her own capabilities. She is also inspirational, someone people look up to. However, she is also soft-spoken and feminine.

This is something I also try to represent in the designs that I make for my label aere and the clothes that I wear.  I think we should embrace modernity and be creative, daring and a little bold in our appearances – but always stay true to your own self and style.

Estee Lauder has retained Arizona Muse as their Muse (hehe) for this new perfume, and they have made an excellent choice as I have explained in my post last year (see the Scent of Modern Muse / Be an Inspiration).

The perfume’s appearance itself is very, very stylish and chic. I love the little navy bow and the gold-toned studs which adds a very creative touch. But the fragrance is a twist and different from the Modern Muse perfume. I just can’t get over how the two contrasting scents work so well together – truly capturing the essence of the strong yet feminine side of a woman.

The Modern Muse Chic will be available July 2015. In the meantime, there’s a contest for you to win the Modern Muse Chic perfume!

Details are as follows:
1)    Take a photo of your chic look of the day;
2)    Upload your picture to Instagram with the hashtag #mymodernmuse and share what makes a Modern Muse Chic;
3)    Stay tuned to Estee Lauder Facebook page to find out if you have won the prize!

There are 3 units of 50ml Modern Muse Chic to be won – so go ahead and try your luck!

Log on to www.esteelauder.my/modernmusechic for more details.


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