Not Everything is Black or White

12:11:00 PM

... there are grey areas too... :) I remember using that phrase to answer a few interviewers when I was still actively practising as a lawyer. There's no absolute right or wrong. 

I chose to wear this black, white and grey look for the photoshoot for my interview with Wanita Magazine for their Raya issue. The husband managed to quickly capture these OOTD photos in between me changing the looks and being photographed by the team from the magazine last Sunday, 21st June 2015. Out of all the looks I chose one monochromatic look, this black, white and grey look to represent my background as a practising lawyer for almost 7 years. Reminds me of my earlier days of chambering when I did litigation. I had to wear black and white everyday because lawyers have to wear black and white when we go to court. It was usually a white top and black pants and a black blazer, but different styles. When I didn't do litigation any more I remember I began to wear more colourful outfits but still very subdued and subtle. 

When Wanita Magazine first interviewed me in July 2013 (read Feature in Wanita Magazine : Ramadhan Mini Bumper Edition to know more about those days), I was still practising as a lawyer and the interview revolved around my love and passion for the legal practice. That was 2 years ago. How time flies. I intend to share more about my legal career here back then but at that time I couldn't because I was just too crazy busy to even blog frequently. Also, there's the confidentiality issue so I always hesitated to share about work. But now that I've switched careers, I would love to share more here for the benefit of others. If you have any questions on it, do leave a comment below I will be happy to share the answers in a different post :) Anyway, this time around the interview with Wanita revolved around the switch of career that I made from being a lawyer. Will blog more about that insyaAllah.

I wore aere's ARA Top in black and the AQUILA Skirt in black paired with the aere x dUCk scarf from dUCkscarves, all from the aere x dUCk collaboration collection. I don't usually do prints on prints, but that day I felt confident in this print scarf and print top combo.

The print of the aere ARA Top is inspired by Piet Mondrian who is popular with his grid-based colour blocking paintings. As for the AQUILA Structured Pleated skirt, I chose this black one as the lines and structure represents strength and confidence.


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  1. Comelnya akak pakai lipstick merah mak ngah!

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  3. I love your prints! much love.. Sumayyah...

  4. @Innanie Ariffin : Thank you, I think the make-up artist did a real good job too!

    @Sue nasar: Aww thanks! *flattered*. Love your recent LTD releases so much and happy to see them selling well! The piece I wanted was sold out before I could get them!