Hot Pink Elysian

1:04:00 PM

I don't usually wear hot pink if you have noticed from my previous look posts but this dress really catches my eye. The minute I saw it on FV's website I knew I got to have it. Plus, it's something that I would want to wear a lot during this Ramadhan. Glad I chose this dress because it's really something I would want to wear again and again. When you dress good, you feel good. The hot pink just gives a strike of confidence and brightens up the whole look. Plus, it's really subtle as it's placed at a small part of the dress. 

I love this dress. It's wudhu' friendly (zippers at sleeves), fits nicely and the multi coloured panelling gives a slimming effect! I've just gained one size up recently so that slimming factor really is a plus point! Well done LTD! I've been a fan of Love to Dress since their first collection. Paired the Elysian Dress in Black and Hot Pink from Love to Dress for Fashion Valet with one of my favs instant shawl, Sugarscarf. 

I recently blogged about another dress from their Love to Dress for Fashion Valet in my post I LOVE TO DRESS

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