12:23:00 PM

Hope everyone is doing well. I've been feeling under the weather, coughing like cray since last Monday. Couldn't sleep well because of the coughing. People around me seem to be not so well too. It might be the flu and coughing season now.  

When feeling like this wearing cheerful and bright colours like this really brings up the mood. It kinds of conceal any pain we feel. At least, that's how I feel :)

I'm wearing 3 shades of pink today. Ballet pink top, dusty peachy pink skirt and a hot pink scarf. For just for a pop colour I'm wearing one of my favourite vintage bag.

The top I'm wearing today is the ROSEA Faux-Leather Zipped Cuffs Top from aere LIGHT (casual wear) line from the latest collection, Blossoming of Grace. Wore the same in white in my post IVORY at Work. Paired the ROSEA with a kurung skirt from Pu3 Designs and Sugrascarf.

This look today reminds me of my pink and whire look around the same time last year PINK, AURA WHITE, CASSIA AND OYSTERS.

Kneok aka Khubayb caught me selfie-ing below! So that's the usual angle for my selfies for IG ;p


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  2. Oh my gosh, I love love love this outfit combination so much! CHANTEKNYAAAAA!