Persistence of Memory 2 : 7 Things I Used to Blog About

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Last night, I just had a huuuugeee and major throwback. 

Persistence. of. Memory. The title itself is just so, so appropriate.

Okay, so yesterday I received an email from a Jack Laylin who said he works for He said that he stumbled upon my blog while researching for Pablo Picasso, the great artist. Obviously, currently my blog isn't about Pablo Picasso. So I was a little intrigued. 

As I read further in his email, he actually attached two links. It turns out, both links linked back to my blog. Yes, my blog. They were:-

On my first few blogs on 7 things I used to blog about

1. my passions 
2. things I was addicted to
3. arts (visual and non-visual)
4. music
5. movies
6. dreams
7. comics


My Persistence of Memory blogpost.

(on my fav paintings from Salvador Dali, Vincent Van Gogh and Pablo Picasso.  I just realised that I didn't actually write much about Pablo Picasso's artwork in that post. Hehe)

I clicked on both. A flow of memories came rushing in. The posts are all from April 2009. Almost 6 years ago. SIX YEARS!

I can't believe I have actually blogged for almost 6 years. And now that I read through my posts from 2009, I kind of miss that. It was just an anonymous blog back then, I remember. The blog wasn't public yet at the time. It was just me, my computer and my desire to document my passions and interests. I simply shared about things that I loved at the time. Or things that I experienced when I was growing up.

How things have changed.

I must admit I've shared a lot of random things back then. And slowly as this blog grew, I guess I started being a little less random. Maybe because in truth I've turned into someone who's more reserved and private. Maybe. I am trying to change that though.

I miss writing about my random passions and interests. You know what, I'll probably just start to do just that.

Because in more ways than one, I realised that I really love reading those old posts. It reminds me of the person I was and the part of me that I know is still here. Especially when I read My First Post. Random Thoughts and an addict of many things, i am.

Here are some of the photos I took from my previous posts.

From  ~(awe)rora~ on one of my dreams. To go and witness the beautiful auroras.

From politiK : One of my favourite songs of all time reminding me to question about self-identity and of how small we are in this world and how each of us have a purpose in life.

A comic book series I couldn't stop reading from How my Addiction to Fables Begun.

From Viva La Vida - the Painting about searching one's own personal reality and self-identity.

From Scenes and Sound of Music. I just saw the video of Lady Gaga doing a tribute to Julie Andrews and a medley of some of a few of the songs in TSOM. Impressive! Really brings back a lot of memories of my childhood.

From my post Persistence of Memory

Anyways, thank you Jack for the email. Even though I don't know you and we live miles apart (I assume), I'm really happy that your email actually reminded me of the things I used to blog about and how I started my blog all those years ago. Now, I suddenly feel that I have so many, many more things to blog about. 

I know I haven't been blogging about my interests for a while other than fashion and personal style. There's a lot of factors. Time is one of the biggest factors. But it's also a sign of what happens when your passion also turns into work. I love blogging, but somewhere along the line, I guess I just didn't take a step back to assess myself and the things I write about. It took the email from Jack and also a timely advice from a friend to make me realise I have so many things to write about. I guess its never too late to start again :)

Oh and guys, do check out Pablo Picasso on It's quite a cool website for paintings. Below is one of my favs from the site!

Tête d'homme III, 1965

(All pictures from this post are from my previous post and/or are from the Internet)


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