Mi Sedaap Goreng Ayam Krispi

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If you are a Malaysian, and you are travelling overseas, what’s the first thing that you’ll pack? Yes, some Malaysian instant food! It’s either rendang or instant noodles right? Haha, don’t deny it. We all do it! Wherever we go, we must take a little part of local food with us. When I travelled to China and India last year, I also brought some packet food with me.

Instant noodles are fast becoming a staple food to us Malaysian. A lot of students eat it when they are broke because it’s very cheap. It’s convenient to make and hassle free. You don’t even need a kitchen. Just boiled water. I don’t eat it very often though, but once in a while, yes I do indulge in some instant noodles.

One of the types that I like is the mee goreng (fried mee) instant noodles. You don’t actually have to fry it. Actually I don’t know why it’s called that, but I guess it does look like it’s fried. Recently I tried Mi Sedaap Goreng Ayam Krispi. Normally I just go for the original flavour but the Ayam Krispi is supposed to be an innovation and the first in Malaysia. It also comes with Krispi Krezz Krezz bits (yes, I was curious to know what it was too) so I decided to try it out.

The Mi Sedaap Goreng Ayam Krispi comes with the standard soy sauce and oil condiments, but it also came with a chilli condiment. That’s something new to me. It also comes with chicken-flavoured seasoning as well.

Preparing it, student-style, was easy. Instant noodles really live up to their name. From the start, when I was preparing it the chicken-ish aroma was quite strong. The noodles were quite springy. The Krispi Krezz Krezz bits give the noodles a bit of crunch. It is actually fried onion bits with chicken flavour. I really liked the crunchiness.

Personally, the chicken-flavoured seasoning and the chicken-flavoured Krispi Krezz Krezz bits made the chicken flavour a bit overwhelming. Maybe you can reduce the chicken-flavoured seasoning for a better chicken-flavoured taste.

The Mi Sedaap Goreng Ayam Krispi is certainly new, but it won’t dislodge my favourite original flavour. But if you like chicken, try it out! I’m going to bring this for my next travel.

Interested to try out some? I am doing a giveaway and the mechanics are simple – all you have to do is to tell me why you deserve this pack of Mi Sedaap Goreng Ayam Krispi (comment at the comment section), and the 5 most creative answers will win! Don’t forget to leave your email address!

Good luck!


The winners are :

1. NavyBlue Cupcake fatininadziri@gmail.com
2. sarahrahmani  sarah_hendri@yahoo.com
3. Mila Anggong mylaanggong82@gmail.com

Congratulations and enjoy your Krispi Krezz Krezz! Let me know if you like it too :)


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  1. I am deserve to this pack Mi Sedaap Goreng Ayam Krispi because I was a big fan of Mi Sedaap especially Mi Sedaap Goreng! As known by all, this pack of Mi Sedaap Goreng Ayam Krispi is the latest release by Wingsfood and obviously I'm very excited to try and really want to taste it .. I also want to get the crispy krezzz krezzz bits.... hahaha :)

    email address : fatininadziri@gmail.com

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  3. I think I deserve to win a pack of Mi Sedaap Goreng Ayam Krispy because I swear by instant noodles and I bring it everywhere with me when I travel too! I'm leaving to UK soon for university and I can already imagine my hassle-free instant noodles breakfast when I'm late for class hehe. I need to try out new flavours as I just stick to the typical original Mi Sedaap and Maggi Kari. When I saw this giveaway on instagram, I chuckled because really, what gets more unique than an instant noodles giveaway bahahahah.

    Email: sarah_hendri@yahoo.com

  4. i'm deserve to win this pack Mi sedaaap Goreng Ayam Krispy because taste of the sauce.when i travel at Bangladesh last time,i brought few packet of maggi kari,maggi asam laksa n also maggi goreng sedap.as u said there is no need kitchen to prepare it..just pop them in the super super hot water n mix it up with the great sauce n oil condiments..them,there u have it!!taraaaa!!!for different taste what i usually do was spread on some chopped red n spicy chillies on it...perghhhh!!!my ears flap turn to green!!muahhahaah!!n i can't wait to taste this latest Mi sedap goreng ayam krispy n i'm sure i love the crunchy crispy krezz krezzz bits...

    Email: mylaanggong82@gmail.com

  5. Hai akak..Suka baca blog akak..
    Memberi inspirasi dalam gaya muslimah...

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