Azmi + Diana's Wedding : Mini Reunions

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Congratulations guys!!! Today, 25th January 2015, Mr Norazmi bin Norazman wedded Ms Diana binti Dzul Karnain. The above picture speaks a thousand words. I've known these two newlyweds since 2002 (12 years ago) when we were in matriculation doing law together. All of us were actually in the same class in our first matrix class in uni but just like my story where I never actually spoke to my husband then, Azmi and Diana also barely recognised each other's existence then. Both Diana and I really didn't think that we both would end up with these guys! But fate and God brought us together. So, here's to the two couples from Group 16! :D

Azmi and Khubayb were roommates together with Haekal Talib when they were in uni and as for Diana and I, we entered the law matriculation halfway through. I was from the Engineering course at that time. I didn't want to do engineering at that time as I intended to do law. So, Diana, Maryam and I were the latecomers in Law Group 16. 

Apart from it being a beautiful wedding today it was also like a mini reunion for me as I got to meet my unimates as well as my ex-colleagues in my previous law firms. That's because I've been attached and worked in both the law firms that Azmi was in.

Okay, I'll stop with the historical whatevs and share with you the photos of the wedding now! :D

Diana looking stunning right after her solemnisation with Azmi. I am so happy for you babe!

We didn't wear matching outfits today. I'm in green and he's in grey-blue. We just complement each other :p

Happy to meet my classmates in uni. Some I haven't met in years. It sure felt good to catch up:  Zeida Farhana, Amirah Ausi, Norleen Nordin, Wan Muna Amirah, Huda Zakariya, Maryam And Hamid, Nuzul Iswani and Eylia.

I mixed and matched a top my aunt made for me for my cousin's wedding recently and the skirt from my kurung and shawl I wore for Shereen's Engagement in 2011.

My lovely ex-colleagues from the previous firm I was practising in: Wan Yusni Adela, Atiza Nur and Farhah Hussein. Haven't seen them for almost a year! Happy to chat with them today :)

The happiest two, Azmi and Diana on their big day today. May God bless your marriage and may the love that God has put in your hearts lasts till the Afterlife. 

Us ladies with the bride. L-R : Wani, Muna, Norleen, Maryam, Nuzul Iswani, Nadia Sabrina, Amirah Ausi and Attiyah.

Yaya and me. The last time I took a picture with Yaya here was on her wedding day with Haekal :)

Perfect photo of Azmi, Diana and Aiman. One happy family.

Little Nuha was super friendly and manja, Khubayb just had to capture this photo of me and her.

Farrah Abdullah who used to chamber in the law firm I was previously in. We really had spent some crazy times together during those 9 months! :D Can't wait for what's coming soon.

Kneok aka Khubayb and I.

Me with the door gift, pretty looking fans.

Zeida Farhana and I.

Haekal+Yaya and Hafsham+Farrah with the bride and groom.

Khubayb with his uni-mates. Shahir, Saiful Idham, Hafsham, Alif, Adam, Ami Rozaidi.

That's it for today. Just a snapshot of the fleeting moments. Till my next post. :)


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  1. pestime dtg sini rasanya..sis cantik lh.hehe..comey sgt

  2. Hello dear..

    Perhaps you can share what type of camera that u oftenly use to catch up ur beautifull photo. I'm wondering is that a camera phone. But it seem like the quality of huge nikon camera. Tqvm

  3. It was such an intimate moment and you could really feel the love and energy in the location for vows. Our ceremony was the most beautiful and romantic ceremony I could have ever expected (and all our guests made sure to tell us they felt the same way once it was over!).

  4. akak memang cantik sejak lahir ker.