Travelling Companions

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Happy Sunday peeps!

I've been using this weekend to rest and recover after a quite hectic schedule these past two weeks. 

This year has been a very blessed year. Travelling-wise, this has been a good year for me. I've travelled to Krabi, Jakarta, Bandung, Singapore and China. I've yet to blog about those trips since a lot of things have happened in my life. But I hope I'll get there. 

God-willing, I'll be travelling at the end of January 2015 for a much needed trip. I don't think I'll share where, just yet, but I'm already preparing myself to go there.

Anyway, since shopbop is having a Go Big sale of up to 25% of all their items, and after I finally bought my first bag, I went there looking for travelling companions to take advantage of the sale.

Here's some of the items I found:

A cute 4-in-1 adapter by Flight 001. Just read the reviews: everyone loves this cool innovation and cute colour blocks. Hehe.

Rebecca Minkoff's Paris Phone Bag, to keep bags, passports and other essentials. I just love the winter mint colour, and the lock should deter normal pickpockets.

This Kate Spade's Cute Cosmetics Pouch just screams must-have to me.

Flight 001 Fill and Fly Carry on Quart Bag is a cool item to prevent you from the hassle of being stopped at Immigration. hehe. Thankfully I haven't been stopped for this, although I was stopped at Jakarta's immigration which led to me missing my flight! Okay, okay I'll blog about it soon!

Finally, loving this Laptop bag by Rebecca Minkoff! Yes, I don't think I can travel without my laptop.

Guys, the sale ends tomorrow. So don't miss it. Go check it out!


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