Scintillating Black Leanira

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I don't know why but I love butterflies for all its beauty and imperfections. They are just beautiful creatures of God. In fact, this blog started off way back in 2009 with the name The Scintillating Butterflies before it was changed to at the end of last year. 

If you were wondering where I got the names of my aere pieces ZERENE, SATYR and ZEPHYR from the aere's first collection, yes it's actually the name of butterflies. I thought it was a good way to integrate my love of butterflies into my label. I decided to name all of the pieces from aere's first collection with the names of butterflies.

This Tuesday, insyaAllah aere will be releasing two new designs from the first collection. Here in this post I am sharing one of the designs, LEANIRA. It's a floor length shirt dress fully embellished with aere's customised gold buttons all the way down which was designed so that it could be worn in many ways. You can either wear it as a fully buttoned down dress; a cool, open trench coat-ish jacket; or partially buttoned for that windy-when-you-walk effect. The LEANIRA is fully lined and not sheer but just light enough to be worn as a jacket.

I decided to wear it with my white pants today and paired it with the galaxy scarf from Yadotsa a few years ago. I only partially buttoned the LEANIRA down, so that it has a bit of a dramatic and flowy effect when I walk. It's a kind of a different look from what I would normally wear on a casual Sunday, but it has a slight European feel to it.

This shoot was done on a rooftop and the husband managed to capture some nice shots as it was really windy up there. Just for good measure, I also buttoned up all the way down to share how it would look if you prefer a more structured look. The LEANIRA is floor length, but don't fret. If the dress is too long, I made sure that the buttons don't get in the way of the alteration.

Anyways, do keep a look at aere's page to see what we have got in store for you this Tuesday. Two days to go! Stay tuned to aere's IG for updates!

Outfit details 

Top: LEANIRA shirt dress from aere
Scarf: Galaxy Scarf from Yadotsa 
Arm Candies : Gift from Swarovski

Location : KL International Airport 2, rooftop
Photographer : @kneok


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