One Small Step : First Fashion Show

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I still can’t believe it is happening!!!

It’s still been a whirlwind of events for the past two weeks for my new label, aere. It’s just been launched last 28th October 2014 and I’m really happy for the overwhelming support and positive feedback from everyone. I’m still pinching myself.

It’s just been a tough, hectic but undeniably fun ride so far and hopefully it’s a long, long journey. But honestly, I still haven’t had the chance to just sit down, savour the moment and catch my breath yet. I’m serious!

If you follow aere on Instagram, you would probably have known that aere will be showcasing our pieces for the first time in a fashion show this Wednesday, 12th November 2014 which will also feature a collection by the international talented English designer Zandra Rhodes.

Coincidentally, exactly one year ago, on 12th November 2013, I attended Zandra Rhodes show at the National Textile Museum thanks to my father. (Read : A Lifelong Love Affair with Textiles). The reason she is back this year was because of the overwhelming success of her show last year! I had the privilege to get the chance to meet and chat with her last year and can' wait to see her again this year.

Anyway, when I first started aere, I did not imagine that we will be doing a fashion show so soon. I’ve admired and ooh-ed and aaah-ed next to the runway at a lot of local fashion shows that I love going to, because if there is one thing I know, it is that Malaysian designers are really talented and creative on par with international designers. And I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve always dreamed of watching my own designs strut down that runway (admit it, who hasn’t?). But I do know how much work and effort is put into a label before it can gain such recognition and honor.

That’s why I’m really, really humbled and surprised that aere was invited to be featured in a fashion show by FV alongside Mimpikita, one of the most favourite local designers I always look out for and who have reached dizzying heights and not just local but foreign recognition. (Read : Day 2 KLFW : RTW 2013 : When Our Eyes Met & Mimpikita : Fashion Lovers Unite)

The fashion show also features an up and coming brand Haflins and also the remarkable dUCkscarves, THE must-have scarves today that is the brainchild of my good friend, Vivy Yusof.

I’m not under any pretensions. aere is a small humble brand that’s just starting out and barely deserving to rub shoulders with the people that sets the benchmark in the local scene. But although aere may have started small, but there’s nothing to stop it from having big dreams, no matter that it is not easily attainable or that the journey to achieve it is long and hard. Insya-Allah I will give it my all to achieve the goals that I have set.

The transition into the fashion world having been a lawyer for the past almost seven years has not been easy or smooth for me. I’ve been aiming to share my journey, all the ups and downs: from the moment I went to China to work on the samples to the day aere was launched and everything in between, but work has been so overwhelming (in a good way!) that I haven’t had the time to share it on my blog. I’m thankful and grateful for the fact that I have been busy with work! I basically had no idea how deep the hole I was getting into, but I’m loving every learning curve and I have no regrets :)

For the fashion show, aere is injecting a different take specially for this show and will be teaming up with the hip and cool dUckscarves! aere will also be featuring some of the designs from our next collection so those who attend will get an exclusive preview of what’s next to come. But for my faithful readers, I guess I’ll also share it with you guys here. After Wednesday, of course, hehe (I hope I can stay patient until then!).

Nervous and excited. I am getting used to this feeling. Hehe. If you guys got the RSVP invite from dUCk, see you there and do say hi!

Wish me luck and pray for the best!!

In the meantime enjoy these lovely sketches by Azrina Bakar.


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  1. Sweet design...i like..InsyaAllah i will get from your label for my dinner company..