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Hello and salam dear readers,

I have received a lot of questions on my IG on the contact lenses I always wear. Well, actually I have to wear contact lenses because I am short sighted.

Random fact :  my power is 300. Quite high right? This is what I get for reading too much since I was a little kid. (OR reading in the dark or while lying down just before I go to sleep) :D

Today, I am sharing with you the Bausch+Lomb first ever cosmetic lens in Malaysia that I have just tried to use recently. It is from Lacelle by Bausch+Lomb

I love that Lacelle lenses can suit my outfit in different ways.

In this post I am sharing with you 5 different outfits I wore with my Lacelle coloured lenses. You do not have to wear the same colour of contacts and clothes.  It’s good to just mix and match it. I will show you my OOTDs wearing the same coloured contacts below.

Here I am wearing a lace modern kurung geometrical outfit by Pu3. Lacelle lenses have a unique lace pattern that enhances your eyes beautifully. Here I think the Jubilee Violet lenses by Lacelle matches my outfit perfectly!

For this casual brown and blue look (see Casual Sunday in the Aegean Sea post) I paired with my Tender Brown lens. You might notice from all my other pictures that my most favourite is Tender Brown. Worn it with a number of different outfits. Love the fact that it looks so natural and yet it instantly makes my eyes look much bigger. Even though my eyes are naturally brown, this lens complements my natural colour very well without overpowering my normal eye colours.

For this look, I wore one of my all time favourite: yadotsa’s sophisticated top with pleats and buttons. I paired it with a pleated salmon pink skirt together with matching hijab and topped off the look with the classy sofina bag. The Sparkling Brown contact lens was just perfect to bring my eyes out without over doing it.

It was my cousin’s hen night, which had a gothic theme to it. I wore grey and black to match the occasion. Despite the colour I chose, I wanted my eyes to stand out. So I wore my Frozen Grey lens and put on smoky eyed eye make-up to complete the look.

Finally, they also have a Modest Black lens which I use when I just want to chill on weekends and such. Its sure a can’t-go-wrong choice especially if your natural eye colour is black. Oh, it makes your eyes bigger too which is surely a plus!

Here are the list of new lenses by Lacelle :-

Limbal :
Modest black : instantly enlarge and brighten your eyes. Sparkle with confident

Tender brown : softly enhance your eyes for that delicate warmth and allure

Color :
Jubilee Violet : give your eyes a romantic tint. An enchanting blink that will mesmerize everyone

Sparkling brown : give your eyes a playful sparkle. You will be the most attractive princess

Frozen Grey : give your eyes a touch of glamour and cool elegant for the magnetic attraction

Which one would you wear??? Let me know.

Visit and FB: Lacelle Malaysia to know more about Lacelle by Bausch+Lomb and their lenses!


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