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Good morning peeps,

As I was walking around the shopping mall near my house the other day, I casually just went in senQ Digital Station to window shop on the next home appliance I should buy. Hehe. I bought my fridge there and it is where normally buy my home appliances as I have a PlusOne membership that gives me awesome discount for their products. The staff is also very friendly and informative.

Anyway, as I walked in, I noticed that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 was already selling at senQ. Seriously? Have I really been that busy with aere that I didn’t realise the Note 4 was out? I guess I have, huh.

As my close friends would know, I am a total Samsung fan-girl. Most of my gadgets are from Samsung. I previously used the Note 1, which I upgraded early this year to the Note 3. I have the Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet too.

A picture of my current phone and my hubs' 

So I played around with the phone. I really fell in love with its 16M-color QHD Super AMOLED display. It’s really good. The camera is also even more impressive this time, I think it’s going to give its main rivals a run for its money with its 16MP OIS camera. It also has a better 3.7MP front-facing camera now, which is a must have for selfies. Hehe. I didn’t get to play around with it for a long time, but apparently it also has a fingerprint scanner and a heart-rate monitor?! Wow, the wonders of technology.
I’m really tempted to get this and the offer by senQ is really seriously making me consider it. If I trade in my Note 3, I can get up to RM 453 rebate. I’ll also be getting a complimentary Dual Car Charger worth RM69 and they are offering a 8000MAH power bank and temper glass screen protector (worth a total of RM 279) at only RM199.

They also advertised the Aeon payment offer for monthly repayment of RM 129 for 24 months with only a 1% rate from the usual 1.5%. requiring only simple documentation and promising fast approval. All in all, that’s a seriously good offer.

So what do you think guys? Have any of you gotten the Note 4 yet? Should I get it too? I just know that this dilemma will be on my mind every night before I sleep while I’m deciding about this. Hehe. Or maybe I should just drop by senQ and play with the phone a little more while I make up my mind..

Have a nice day, y'all!


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  1. interesting coz you did survey before you wish to buy it. All the best for your choice of smartphone :)

  2. Galaxy Note 10.1 is great. I used it too. :)

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