A Golden Night

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Hello everyone, how has everyone been? Good I hope.

As you may have known, last week was a very special week for me. My aere was launched on Tuesday, and it was my birthday on Saturday. My birthday has become a bitter sweet day for me. It's a very special day as it is, but because of certain events that has happened on my previous birthdays, its attached with other memories. Memories that makes me go all emotional.

These pictures were taken on my birthday night which I spent with my husband. Last year, I did not get to spend it with him as he was away for work in London, and 2 years ago I also did not get to spend it with him either because I was in the hospital carrying my angel baby, Jibrael (read : Patience Perseverance Relief of Mothers).

As mentioned in my previous post, we went out of Kuala Lumpur to his home town in Johor Bahru the night before my birthday as I attended an event on Saturday. That night, he brought me to a nice restaurant above the sky with a nice view. It was a lovely place with excellent service and food (I had my favourite dish) which I will share in another blog. 

I have been so overwhelmed with the love that I felt that day coming from him as well as my family, relatives and friends who all wished and prayed for the best for me either through phone calls, messages,whatsapps and through all the comments on social media.  I was so touched by all the kind comments from everyone. I read each and every one even though I may not have managed to reply to every single one. Even the warm and friendly people of JB made me feel so special with their birthday wishes and surprise for me (that's also a story for another blog post!).

For my faithful readers of this blog, let me share a little secret with you guys: I designed this aere top specifically for this occasion. It just made me feel special and made me feel good to dress it up to the nines once in a while.

I've always wanted a gold sequinned top. But I know that occasions like these are few and far in between, which was why I designed it to also be worn as a jacket so that it can be worn not just for that special occasion, but also for a casual glam look. I wore this jacket before for a concert (see John Legend). I know. I designed it for my birthday, but I couldn't resist wearing it earlier, because I'm in love with the jacket so much!

Anyways, I'm really thankful for the overwhelming support and love for aere. I'm going off to finish some more work for aere now. In the meantime, do check out aere's instagram at www.instagram.com/aere or just search for @aere. Join in on the #happinesstome campaign and stand a chance to win a luxurious two nights' stay at Tanjung Rhu resort, in Langkawi. I sure wish I can enter the competition too. I wanted the best for you guys, and that is a place that I'd love to go too. So if you guys win it, be sure to share the experience okay!

Outfit details :

Shawl : Sookascarf
Bag : Ted Baker

Location : Johor Bahru
Photographer : @kneok aka Abdullah Khubayb


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  1. Assalamualaikum..

    I have been following your blog and I'm a big fan of your style, up-to-date but still cover up.

    I hope we can meet in the future. :)