Video : My Open Mic Audition at Talent Lounge

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Last Friday, on 19th September 2014, I went for an open mic audition at Talent Lounge. 

It all started when my husband showed me an IG post by Azlan posting the promotional poster for the event a few days before the date. I have performed for weddings of friends or relatives, as well as the Kuala Lumpur Bar charity night for lawyers for fun (see Video : : Live Performance : Cover of the Cranberries Zombie and Paramore's That's What you Get), but never an audition. This would be my first. I totally forgot about it until the night before the open mic. My husband again asked me about it... Since we had nothing scheduled that Friday night, my husband told me to go for it. So he contacted Azlan and told me I'll be going. 

They had a list of songs for the audition. I chose If I Ain't Got You by Alicia Keys. :D

I went straight after work. I only managed to drop by home for a little bit to change my pants to a long skirt (the same I wore in Stellar Kandi).

I was so nervous before the show. And just so happens on that day I started having some problems with my voice. My throat was giving me problems and I couldn't sing all out so I had to improvise on the high notes. We also had to bring our own minus one and luckily now we can easily download it through our phone. Thanks to technology!

Just before I sang, I was interviewed about myself. I didn't think that there was going to be an interview. I just thought it was going to be an old fashioned audition. You know, just sing. But it was a bit like American Idol! A smaller scale of course but still a big step for me.

I just described who I am. I think I said this:

"I am Raja Nadia Sabrina. A wife. A lawyer. A blogger. I love to sing but I have only sung at some weddings and apart from that I'm just a bathroom singer. haha."

What do you expect? I was caught off guard. Even though I should have expected it. If this happens again I will definitely be more prepared. I hope!

Then, I started to sing. My nerves then went away. I had fun singing my heart out. It felt good. And it was a relief to let it out. It is as though I have a different personality onstage. Hehe.

I couldn't open my eyes much though, the blue spotlight was glaring at me. (I think I better start getting used to it. Haha). It's not the best, I know I can perform better (blame the nerves and my sore throat), but here you go:

Sorry for the shaky start. Blame my Khubayb @kneok for that! :p (Watch it in HD guys)

How did my husband get to know Azlan? They first met when we went to Talent Lounge for the first time for an event (see Langston Hues : Meet & Greet at Talent Lounge). Azlan said hi to me and he told me that he read my blog while he himself was struggling as a stroke sufferer. He's a strong guy. We took pictures together too at that time.

The rest who came for the auditions were all very talented too. I was blown away by them. A petite girl could sing Ella's "Layar Impian" to perfection. And another girl sang Beyonce's Listen. And a guy sang Sam Smith's "Stay with me" very well. I had fun singing along to them. They were very sweet and friendly too. I'd definitely watch them perform again.

All in all, it was a great experience. I would love to perform here again. For fun, of course. The place is very cozy and comfy, the ambience was very relaxed. And of course, the food was delicious!

The husband's fav. Fish & Chips.

My dinner after the show. I could only eat in peace after it was over.

I wore minimal simple day make-up for the audition. Next time I will do more!


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