Windy Kay Ell

12:34:00 PM

Is it just me or has it really been windy nowadays in KL? It has also been raining a lot lately and I realise it even more because I ran under the rain a few times with my colleagues after lunch back to the office this past week! Hehe. No complains though, I love the weather nowadays :)

Anyways, when I had this look shot done, the wind was blowing my scarf a number of times. And no, I did not have to flip my scarf to get this effect! Hehe. 

Have you seen the statement tees and pullovers from FV Basics? When I saw it I was thinking of choosing UNDERPAID, OVERWORKED or NOTED but in the end I chose KAY EL which represents the city I live in at the moment in my beloved country Malaysia. 

I am thinking of getting another one as the pullover is such a basic item that I know can wear it with anything and it will also be one of those overused items for me!

Now, I am going to choose between UNDEPAID or OVERWORKED... Hmmm. Which one represents me more? Haha.

Anyways, our independence day is coming soon at the end of the month! Let's spread love for our country everyone. Don't be hatin'...(See my VLOG on Merdeka)

Outfit details :

Location : Bukit Damansara
Photographer : Farid Rosli


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