Krabi 4 : My Ban Sai Nai Hotel Review

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Ban Sainai is the name of the hotel we stayed in Ao Nang. My husband decided to bring me to that hotel just two nights before we left for the trip. I saw him doing his research and trusted that he will choose the best hotel for us.

When I arrived I was in awe. We were surrounded by the jungle, a lot of greens, limestone hills… Everything was just beautiful. The air that we breathe was just so fresh and feels unpolluted. It was a garden style resort. The atmosphere was very calm and relaxed.

 When we checked in to my surprise one of the receptionist was someone who wore the hijab and she also spoke in Malay. Kelantanese Malay though. There were all really friendly. They told us we could order our lunch and have free breakfast and all the food there is halal. They also did not serve any alcohol in the premises too.

So we did not have any problem with food.

They brought us to our room using the buggy. (Reminds me of my redang trip April last year that I haven’t managed to blog about) I always love being on the buggy with my scarf flapping all over my face. It makes me happy. Like a kid.

When we reached our room I instantly loved it. It is very simple but I like the fact that it has a balcony for us to chill and the view was just awesome. Nature. I love nature.

I would highly recommend you to go to this hotel because I did not have any problems with it. In fact I loved the fact that it was really private and I did not bump into anyone else since the placement of the chalet is quite far from the others. As someone who needs to eat halal food, this place is a plus point too. It was then I found out that there are actually quite a large number of Muslims there. The resort is owned by a Muslim and the staff employed are mostly Muslims (if not all). Therefore, they were very helpful in accommodating with a lot of things: prayer mats, prayer directions, etc.

Delicious authentic Thai food served at our doorstep.

As I mentioned, it was a garden style resort. It was quite big and you just can’t help but feel like you want to walk around. They had several types of chalet, one of it was a water chalet which was on top of some ponds. If there’s one minor criticism, it is that one of the ponds was poorly maintained. But the rest of the place in the hotel was good for me.

It is not walking distance to the beach but they provide shuttle services to bring us to the beach or just bring us around wherever we want to go. If you want to be closer to the beach maybe this resort is not for you. For me, eventhough I love to be by the beach I did not find it a problem because the beach was just a shuttle away.

Next up on my Krabi series, I am going to share my favourite part of the hotel.


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  1. Done reading all 4 parts n i luv it! Cant wat to read next post about krabi. Thx for sharing :))

  2. I just got back from this resort and also loved it! You look beautiful :)