Black & Batik to Jakarta

2:49:00 PM

Hello Friday. 

I am so happy to receive my harddisk I left in Jakarta! Mentioned it in my previous post Tenun & Skants in Jakarta and I just received it at noon today. Hello all photos including photos from the recent travelling trips! I'm really grateful to Riri for helping me out with the shipping and all. :) She is truly a gem of a soul.

Anyways, just want to quickly share with you what I wore the day of my flight from Kuala Lumpur to Jakarta on 23rd May 2014. Shea took these photos of me at the airport. This was the second time I went to the new KLIA 2 after Krabi. What I remember most at the airport is the mushroom grilled chicken at Alessio. So yummy!! 

I wore a hot pink batik beaded skirt. Since it has a slit at the front, I wore a petticoat inside just in case. I love the intricate details of the batik skirt. The last time I posted a batik skirt look was in Batik Blues.

Batik is gooood.

As for the casual black top, I love that it comes together (separately) with an arm stocking (sarung tangan) which is attached at the shoulders. It's like an inner but just for the arms. Felt nice to wear something comfy during travelling and in flight. 

Will post more on my travels soon, now that I have my harddisk back. Yay!

As for now have a look at the  scratching my scarf, pain in the neck and headache poses in my casual airport look. Hehe.

Outfit details :
Skirt : MerahJambu by Hana Fariza
Arm Candies : Juicy Couture 
Bag :  Marc Jacobs 
Shoes : Salvatore Ferragamo

Location : Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 / KLIA 2
Photographer : Shea Rasol


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