Gems from Jakarta

12:03:00 PM

Peace be upon all of you lovely readers. 

So here I am just sharing with you the look I wore yesterday for Emel by Melinda Looi x Diana Danielle press conference / fashion show / lunch in the sky at Atmosphere 360 KL Tower. 

I got two of the items I wore yesterday from the Sisterhood 2014 event in Jakarta: My scarf and my shoes.

The scarf is a wide patterned ivory shawl. It is something different from what I usually wear and I like that it is really big so I can wear it in so many ways. It is easy to shape as well!

I love the gold platform too as it is so comfy. I remember I used to love platforms so much few years ago. They give me the extra height as well as the comfort. I remember one of my favs platform was in nude gold which I got from Topshop.  That must have been like 6 years ago??? Gosh, time flies haha. 

Anyway, it's been awhile since I wore one so I was happy to receive this pair of gold platforms at the event I attended in Jakarta. 

Definitely more comfortable to wear than any high heels!

I remember how I did not like the colour yellow gold when I was way younger.  I did not want to wear gold when I was little. But that has changed drastically this past few years. No more love hate relationship, it's just loveeee all the way right now. Haha. Things change.

So, do not judge a colour just because of our perspective on it at that point in time. Our perspective might and will change through time. We might love a colour we disliked in the past. Give second chances :) Experiment.

I wore an orange lipstick too! Utterly Delicious from Mac just to brighten up the whole look. 

On a side note, the pattern on my top reminds me of wings in some ways. And wings remind me of the last movie I watched in the cinema last Sunday, Maleficent. Amazing story. Deep. Heartfelt. One of my favorite actress and Hollywood star since forever, the beautiful Angelina Jolie. Disney movie. All that and more, made it an awesome movie so if you haven't watch it yet, go!


Outfit details :

Shoes : Quincy Gold by Diana Paramitha @dncshoes_bdg
Shawl : Cotton Candy Shawl
Skirt : Designed by me
Arm Candies : Juicy Couture gift by @kneok
Bag : Charles & Keith 

Location : KL Tower and Pavillion
Photographer : Shea Rasol


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