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I have been wanting to blog about the spontaneous short getaway to the gorgeous and colourful Krabi, Thailand. The husband bought the tickets and reserved the hotel just a day before we flew to Thailand that 14th May 2014. 


We just felt like getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city. No one knew where we were headed and where we went until we came back. Not even our family members.

We just wanted to be on our own. Just us two.

Away from it all.

And we managed to get just that.

It was an awesome trip. Krabi is amazing! I will definitely drop everything and go there again if I have the chance to.  We thought it was going to be a small island retreat but it turned out that there were so many things to do there. 5 days and 4 nights there wasn't enough, could you believe it? 

The sea, sand, sun and sea breeze. There's no other words needed to explain the lovely feeling.

There's just something about the beautiful clear waters... Subhanallah, God is Great. Observing His creations just shows me how small we all are, how insignificant we are compared to the whole wide world and the universe that He has created. We are small. Tiny.

There are no problems that are too big. If we feel that any problem is so big, just look at the sea. Look at the sky. And we will realise that our problems are just too small for us to mention. Look at what He has given us instead. Look at what He has created. Reflect.

Anyways, as an introductory post for my Krabi trip, I am sharing my IG diary of Krabi I shared at @rnadiasabrina in reverse order. The photos plus the unchanged caption.

I will blog more and in detail on the trip. The places I went to, the boat rides, the activities, snorkeling, the scrumptious food, the hotel, what to wear to swim or to the beach if you are no longer comfortable to wear a bikini! :p This is just a teaser post! Hehe. More awesome pictures and stories on the trip coming soon here on the blog. 

In the meantime, enjoy the photos below and go plan a trip to Krabi! :D

Randomly singing ~~~ A whole new world {Disney's Aladdin song} Who remembers that song? I am not the only one right, right?! Hehe.

Enjoyed the sky, sun, sand and sea with him today. Blessed. :)
Captured by @kneok
Boat rides, travel stories and the sea, up on my blog soon. 
Let's flow like a river until we reach our Final destination, shall we?  
"The river is one of my favorite metaphors, the symbol of the great flow of Life Itself. 
The river begins at Source, and returns to Source, unerringly. 
This happens every single time, without exception. We are no different." 
~Jeffrey R. Anderson~ 
Photographed by @kneok while he had his feet in the clear waters.

A few days ago with @kneok, the white sand, the sea, 
the sky and the gentle and cooling sea breeze. 
Some of my favourite of God's creations. 
Our soulmates and life partners are destined by the Creator.
 Our flaws and imperfections are complimented and perfected by our partner. 
To make us whole. Two flawed souls combined into one. 
Imperfections are beauteous. Blessed. ♡ 

I love the quote below:  

"First best is falling in love. Second best is being in love. Least best is falling out of love. But any of it is better than never having been in love." 
• ~Maya Angelou~ •
May God make our love for Him, the One who created love, 
higher and deeper than any form of love towards His creations. ♡♡♡

My photos do not do justice to the beauty of what we experienced just recently. God is Great.
Blessed to witness His gorgeous creations with @kneok this past week.
I was so amazed at His creations.
At the same time,  I wonder how the unimaginable REAL Paradise is like...
Even His creations in this world makes us awe at His greatness Subhanallah.
What more the REAL paradise? I hope we will all get to go there one sweet day. :)
All praises only for Him.
Nothing is ours and everything belongs to the One who creates everything that exists.

Ivory on the streets of #krabi . Love the walks there ♡ •  
I'm wearing the Medina dress @byfatinsuhana. It's super awesome and comfy! •
Photographed by @kneok

The turquoise and aqua I spoke about in my earlier 2 pictures.
The view. God is Great. ♡

Turquoise and aqua in my eyes. Some of my fav colours :) 
Cooling down with pineapple juice. One of my fav juices of all time. 
Used to drink it almost everyday back then but stopped about 2 years ago and replaced it with apple or all berry mix juice. 
This past few days I've been drinking it almost everyday. 
So, what's your favourite juice?

Night in ivory on the streets. •
I'm wearing the beautiful Medina Dress from @byfatinsuhana
Love! Also wearing #pariparishawl. Will share full photos of the outfit soon. 

"We travel, initially, to lose ourselves; and we travel, next to find ourselves. 
We travel to open our hearts and eyes and learn more about the world 
than our newspapers will accommodate. 
We travel to bring what little we can, in our ignorance and knowledge, 
to those parts of the globe whose riches are differently dispersed. 
And we travel, in essence, to become young fools again- 
to slow time down and get taken in, and fall in love once more." 
• ~ Pico Iyer ~ •
Photo taken earlier today by @kneok 

Clouds, the cooling sea breeze and a boat. My view at sunset with @kneok
All praises to the Creator.

Off we go in search of a private beach. Not this one though, too many people. @kneok
  Happy Friday everyone. :) 
@kneok & I were on a ride with this adorable little girl and her family just now.
I just had to ask her mother's permission to take her photo!
Too pretty!
@kneok 's shot of me today. :) •

Loving the gorgeous casual and comfortable dress from @bondabyshai that I am wearing today. Although it is designed for pregnant and nursing mothers, it is still very stylish. :) I know it will be handy for me in the future too, if God wills it. I'm also wearing studded baby pink flats from @zaza_ezra. Love em 
Thank you Abah. Didn't realize you took this shot of @kneok & I. :) 

By @rakhaidir "Photographing the avid photographer.
Khubayb, and Nadia.
Have a good, although brief, getaway.
Foto: r a

14 5 14 
Good morning and goodbye Kuala Lumpur. :)

Anyway, my husband thought (and believed!!!) that the meaning of Krabi was Crab Island.. I admit it did kind of make logical sense... until I googled the meaning of Krabi to confirm his theory:

There are two legends mentioning the meaning of "Krabi". The first had it that villagers presented a large ancient sword (krabi in Thai) they discovered by chance to the governor. They also did the same thing when a smaller one was found later. Regarded as sacred and auspicious, the governor would like to keep them in the province. But the provincial establishment was still in progress, so they were placed crossing each other in the cave named Khao Khanap Nam. This was the origin of the province's emblem.

The second legend had it that "Krabi" was derived from a name of local tree "Lumphi". The Malay and Chinese merchants made its pronunciation slightly corrupted and became "Ka-lu-bi" or "Kho-lo-bi", which finally turned to "Krabi" (sword).

Silly theory debunked!

If you have any questions on the trip, drop a comment below and I will try to answer in my next post on Krabi! :)


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  1. Assalamualaikum.. Sy suke sgt tgk view kt krabi. Kalau x keberatan.. Bole bg nama hotel yg sis duduk kt sne. Insyaallah sy nk pergi pd bulan 9. Tgh survey hotel mane yg terbaik. Tq.. :-)

  2. subhanallah cantiknya krabi. its like maldives but a lot nearer...hihi. anak besaq sket nak bwk p mandi sana

  3. assalamualaikum sis. may I know which camera are u using. the photos are superb :)

  4. Assalam..I really enjoy your blog. I myself just started writing. Kindly check out Saya budak baru belajar..kalau salah tolong tunjukkan. TQ!