Sofina 2.1 in JB

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Happy Labour Day Malaysia. I'm having a chilled one with the husband so far :)

Honestly, I'm not much of a handbag person. I know handbags, especially designer ones, are prized possessions of many girls, but somehow its just not really my thing. That doesn't mean that I don't like handbags or can't appreciate them though, I mean I like them just fine and would loveeee lots and lots of designer handbags but it is not my priority. I like to steal my mother's handbags though. Hehe. 

I pre-ordered from Fashion Valet the Sofina 2.1 by Sometime (inspired by Vivy Yusof) some time back in March and received it 2 weeks ago. I heard that before this handbag was open for preorder, the handbags were always sold out. Now I understand the whole craze about the Sofina handbags.

It is roomy, practical, versatile and chic in design as well, something I've always looked for in handbags. I can carry it in many ways as they gave two additional straps, studded and plain. I remember I had a difficult time choosing which colour because all of them were so nice, especially the dusty pink and green. In the end, I chose blue because it is one of my fav colours. 

It could fit everything and anything in it including my DSLR camera and an additional lens as well!

I wore this to a wedding of my husband's close friend in Johor last Saturday. We got back to KL the same night that very eventful day as we rushed off to Johor straight after my cousin's merisik (proposal) in the morning.

For the first time, I got to see where he grew up, where he played football and where he lived. Yes, we have been married for almost 4 years but this was the first time we got the chance to see where he grew up together. That's how busy with work we were. He's been wanting to do this since we got married!

Anyways, I had fun seeing him show me excitedly all the places down his memory lane and we took a stroll after the wedding around the big area. He took these shots of me of course.

There's also a story behind this look.

During my cousin's merisik, I wore the purple and pink Pu3 Designs modern kurung. But I quickly changed to Surisara's midnight blue kurung before we rushed off to Johor. I actually wore the whole suit. But on the way to Johor there was a slight wardrobe malfunction. I ate something in the car and spoiled the skirt. Heh, heh, heh. So I improvised and changed back to the modern kurung skirt by Pu3 Designs which I wore for my cousin's merisik earlier that morning. The scarf I wore was done with love by my dear sister Hasanah Hilmi. 

So yeah, last minute colour blocking for that DAY! Enjoy the pictures taken by my talented husband! (So biased)

Outfit details :
Bag :  Sofina 2.1 from Fashion Valet  by Sometime
Skirt : Pu3 Designs
Shawl : Paripari Shawls by Hasanah Hilmi
Watch : Gift by the husband
Bangle : Gift by my mother
Photographer : Abdullah Khubayb, the husband


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  1. pretty..loves your style.simple tapi fabolous.i have same top tapi in green colour.shud have mix the top with other skirt like u did.thanks for the idea.