Pink, Aura White, Cassia & Oysters

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Happy Friday. My favourite of all days. :) Today, I'm blogging about the happy Labour Day I spent yesterday.

This week has been a lot to take for me, but I feel that God is re-directing my life to a better future here in this world and InsyaAllah the next life. My life is taking a big turn.

Relieved. Free. Re-directed. Realization. Reflection.

Five words which describes me this week.

Anyways, 2 days ago Natasha Hudson and I spoke and discussed on similar situations which we have been through separately. We had a long, nice and comforting chat over the phone. Well, at least on my part haha. She’s such a sweet and kind soul of a friend.

At the end of it, she invited me to attend an event at Aloft Hotel wherein she was to be made the ambassador of a skincare and health company, Aura White. I asked her if there were any theme and she said that there was no theme but I can wear pink and white. I decided to oblige, so that explains my outfit on Labour Day yesterday. Hehe.

I wore a lace jacket (also worn in White Swan on the Streets of Starhill), new arm candies given by my husband from our Sofina 2.1 in JB trip, my mother’s tapered pants, my husband’s long sleeved shirt, shoes from FV and a vintage white and gold bag found in my mother’s closet. To top off the white and gold look I wore a pink PariPari Shawl by Hasanah Hilmi. Oh, and I got a vintage pearl belt at the end of the day! New found loves :)

Before the event I just had a chilled and laid-back morning with the husband at home, cooking him fried eggs for breakfast! Hehe. Just outside the hotel, the husband took some cool shots of me and my outfit. Only the husband can direct me during ootd shots and make me feel so happy and comfortable! :) I was feeling happy and the Happy Song by Pharell Williams was playing on my head. Somehow, the pink shawl and the pink lipstick I wore boosted my confidence too in some ways. Haha. 

Right after the event at Aloft Hotel, the husband needed to go to the office so while he was at the office I went down to take my driving license photo and bumped into a few friends including the adorable baby Cassia Iman! (See my posts Introducing Cassia Iman and Shasha Elisa Baby Shower). I was so excited and happy to bump into and see Cassia yesterday. She loves the camera! As soon as I opened my camera she was already posing for the camera. I just had to take photos with her because she is just too adorable! It was good to see her mother Shasha Elisa and also aunt Marissa Hanafi too. While I was looking for the photo shop I bumped into Ellie Norman too, the owner of My Apparel Zoo and she shared with me a few sound advice on the fashion business.

When the husband finished with his work (gosh, I remember those days I used to work like crazy on all public holidays and all weekends too!), he decided to treat me for dinner. We both had a very long week and we thought we deserve a treat!

I ate fresh oysters with lemon and tobasco, he had his fav jacket potato and lamb, yoghurt and mint pizza! Happiness to the maximum!!! I remember the first time I tried oysters at Santa Monica  Los Angeles with my cousins and I nearly vomited it out! But after that I fell in love with it. The last time I ate so much oysters were during a buffet Ramadhan break fast with my ex-colleagues last year. I can’t remember how many plates I took together with salmon sashimi. I go crazy over raw seafood! 

We had a lovely dinner just before we rushed off to a movie with the rest of the family, the Amazing Spiderman – Rise of Electro. It was an awesome movie I thought. I could relate to it on so many levels especially on the betrayal of someone we trust and also losing the people we love, and how we deal with it.

All in all I had a great time yesterday. A fulfilling satisfactory happy happy day. I couldn’t imagine a better way to spend my Labour Day together with the husband.

Blessed. Alhamdulillah.

Outfit details :
Pants :  Liz Claiborne, mother’s
Arm Candies : Juicy Couture, gift by the husband
Jacket : Lace jacket by ALLIEN 
Top :  Husband’s
Shawl : Paripari Shawls by Hasanah Hilmi available at 
Watch : Swatch, gift from Nadhil & Syahira
Bag : Mother's vintage  bag
Belt : Vintage shop at Publika
Photographer : Abdullah Khubayb, the husband


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