Beauty Tips #2 : ADANIA : Natural Skincare

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In my previous post Beauty Tips#1, I shared about my daily beauty regime which I have been using. Yes, the downside to using Kose products is that it is very pricey, although to me it is worth every sen. However, I have been introduced to a cheaper alternative which I want to share with my readers. For the past two weeks, I have trying out ADANIA : Natural Skincare products.

ADANIA is the brand from Amaryllis Spa & Wellness range of skincare products using 100% natural ingredients and no chemicals. They are certified by the Fair Trade Organization and I have been told that they also employ disabled people to pack their products. I respect that a Malaysian company has the vision and the determination to contribute to the cosmetics industry but not just focused solely on making profit but at the same time holding values that I am sure they can be proud of.

Another thing that really impressed me was that the packaging of ADANIA’s products. They look really good and professional, and looks like a lot of thought had been put into it. It’s really great.  

Basically, I have been using three products, ADANIA Pure Lavender Face Cleanser, ADANIA Absolute Rose Refreshing Mist and ADANIA Luxurious Organic Face Oil. This is because of my daily skincare mantra: Cleanse-Tone-Moisturize. Hehe.

ADANIA Pure Lavender Face Cleanser

Having used the Face Cleanser, I find that my face feels totally clean and fresh even after the first wash. The Face Cleanser is infused with Lavender and the Lavender smell is quite strong. That’s going to be a problem if you don’t like the smell of lavender but lucky for me, I do! The smell is so relaxing and especially at night, it helps me sleep better.

However, just a small word of caution, please be careful not to get it in your eyes. I asked my husband to try this too and his eyes were stinging because he didn’t wash it off properly before he opened his eyes. It’s probably because he is a noob hehe but this will sting your eyes if you are not careful.

ADANIA Absolute Rose Refreshing Mist

This is the product I probably love the most. I normally use it after I’ve cleaned my face with the cleanser. Even after the first few sprays, I notice that my pores were tightened. It uses Rose Maroc essential oil and the product is supposed to reduce stress, anxiety and depression. I could also see after two weeks of use that some of my pores were reduced in size and my skin felt firmer after using this. It also leaves you feeling very fresh after every spray and I sometimes use it a few times a day just to freshen up.

It can also be used after putting on your makeup and didn’t spoil my makeup when I used it after.

ADANIA Luxurious Organic Face Oil

Even though this is an oil based product, it absorbs into the skin very fast and I do not feel that my skin was oily or sticky during the day. Make sure that you apply the oil and massage it unto your face properly right after you spray the mist. I realized that my pimple scar healed faster when I used this. It’s a good alternative and I feel that I do not have to use so much make up after using this as it gives your skin a little radiant glow. My skin feels breathable too as the oil does not clog my pores. (At least that's what I feel)

ADANIA Lipbalm & Natural Face Loofah

I also received the Vanilla flavoured Lipbalm and Premium Natural Face Loofah! The lipbalm kept my lips moisturized for a few hours. Since my lips can get very dry easily, I usually apply it a few times during the day. I did not mind that as I love the Vanilla flavor very much. The Face Loofah is perfect for scrubbing white heads and blackheads on my nose. Since I have sensitive skin I dare not to wear it on other parts of my face though. Just scrubbed my nose with it. Hehe.


All in all, ADANIA’s products are worth considering as your daily skincare regime especially as they are much more affordable than Kose’s skincare. So far I have not had any breakouts or any reaction when using these products. Like I mentioned in my previous post, do not be afraid to experiment with your skincare products as you will be able to find something that is suitable for you. Do check them out at or on their instagram at @amarylliswellness.

I had fun experimenting with ADANIA this past 2 weeks and am glad that I finally found a natural skincare range that I’ll wear for quite a while. Good job ADANIA!

On another related note, I also had fun taking pictures (hehe) of the products outdoors. Instead of just taking photos of the products in my room I decided to get a little creative. Since ADANIA’s products are all natural, I just thought to myself why not just take their photos outdoors to give that outdoorsy, organic feeling? Hehe. Did it work? You tell me… Enjoy the photos!

Happy experimenting!


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  1. Really quality information, thank you so much.

  2. Are you still using kose? I've noticed that your skin is so glowing and brighter. Does this product could help to brighten up skin? Thanks!

  3. u did a terrific job on the pictures. So classy and exquisite!

  4. cant wait to try this product also! hehe

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