Lemon Crush

9:41:00 PM

Most of us grew up watching Disney cartoons, I'm sure. My favourite was Princess Belle from Beauty and the Beast. She was beautiful, but she wasn't a damsel in distress. She was smart, loved reading books and was very strong, sacrificing her own freedom and self in exchange for the person she loved most. And she loved from the heart. She was my inspiration when I was little.

What I also loved about her was THAT yellow dress. Yep, I'm sure you girls know which one I mean.

So enter my Lemon Crush: ARNADIA's Lemon Belle Circle Skirt. A big, voluminous and fluffy maxi skirt inspired by Belle herself. 

Yellow brightens up your days, just like the sun-rays! I can't think of any other ways, to truly express what yellow says!

Okaaaay, that was a deliberate attempt at bad rhyming. Let's pretend I never did that. Moving on, yellow is very close to my heart for a lot of reasons :)
I wore this for my birthday brunch on 2nd November 2013 with my girlfriends and then attended an event at PWTC for Moslema in Style. The basic white blouse and yellow gold plated belt are both from ARNADIA.

I also recently wore the Belle Circle Skirt in grey, just because yellow wasn't my colour that day :)

For updates on the very soon to be launched (insyaallah) brand ARNADIA, follow @gayacollective on Instagram and Gaya Collective on Facebook and on Twitter.

Pictures were all taken by my darlings Yasmin Bahrudin and Shairil Ezani that day. 

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