Kicauan Indoors

6:30:00 PM


Sharing a casual outfit shoot that I enjoyed doing indoors last weekend. Yes, I know that outdoor shoots are better in terms of lighting and everything else, but I figured, why not? Since the top I wore represents nature and the outdoors already! :)

I'm wearing the Belle Lemon Skirt again :) I'm not being biased but as I've mentioned earlier, I just loveee the skirt. It's my new jeans, especially since I haven't worn jeans for a very very long while! 

Paired the skirt with this comfy freesized top beautifully named Kicauan. The bird attracted me to this blouse and made me want it so much! Let's see if you can spot the little bird on my blouse :) 

By the way, for the purposes of my international readers (if any), kicauan is the Malaysian word for chirping. Kicauan burung translates to "birds chirping / singing". 
Lovely readers, you wouldn't want to miss what I'm going to share below!
If you want to enjoy RM20 off of your purchase at Seqoci where I got the Kicauan blouse, shop a minimum amount of RM50 and use this voucher code: RNADIA20 (valid till 15th December 2013). Enjoy it while you can.

Outfit details :
Skirt : Lemon Belle from ARNADIA by @gayacollective 
Bag : Mom's Weaved Clutch
Earrings : Mother's vintage earrings
Arm Candy : Gift from my mother and late grandmother, Opah
Shawl : Sookascarf available at
Heels : ShoesShoesShoes
Photographer : @kneok the husband

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