The Engagement of My Brother Nadhil & Syahira 1 : The Video + Pictures

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18th August 2013 is the day my little brother stepped into adulthood. My little brother R Nadhil Aqran got engaged with his fiancee, Syahira Zakaria in Ipoh last weekend. Age is no barrier to maturity and fulfilling one of religion's call. They are both 20 year old this year. Second big step before my little brother's big day. :)

Here's the video summary of their engagement ceremony and some pictures I posted on my IG. You can find more pictures on IG at the hashtag #nadhileday. I teared up a little when I saw the beautiful event captured flawlessly by the beautiful video made by Bee Hunt! Can't believe my baby brother is engaged! Still letting it sink in. Happy day :D I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the videographers at the ceremony because the same talented couple did my engagement and wedding videos too way back in 2010! (My god, that was ALREADY three years ago!!) Coincidence, or a testament of their abilities? :)

There were so many beautiful pictures to choose from, that I may have to do another post just to share them. I'll write more too. Soon, God-willing.

As the eldest sister, I pray and wish the lucky lovebirds all the LOVE ♥ in the world. I'm so proud that you have found THE ONE, your soulmate, at such an early stage in life and decided to take the big step of getting married. It amazes me how matured you both are taking the big step for all the right reasons. I can't remember what I was doing when I was 20! Whatever it is, we can only try our best and leave everything else to God. God is the Best of Planners :)

I pray that God will make their journey beautiful, smooth and easy. May God bless and guide you both to a beautiful marriage and beyond, a life full of love for God and each other. There will be lots of challenges, trials and tribulations but never let go of God, and never let go of each other.

Congratulations again you both! All the best. Hope you prepare yourselves for a lifetime journey. Much much love!

My beautiful future sister-in-law. InsyaAllah. 
Upacara suap gula. 

 My husband @kneok and I with my brother @nadhilaqran and future SIL @syahirazakaria 
after their engagement♥
 What I wore. Oldie but goodie. What I wore as bridesmaid during my Cho Azalea's nikah few years back.
 One for the album before we left to Syahira's house.
 Us family in green and the newly engaged couple in pink. 
With the dulang hantarans (gift trays) from their side.
 Lady Cousins who came from KL :) Faralisa Adril, Fasha Sandha, Zaralisa Adril and Sharina Mahzlan
Some of the men. More men in the family actually but the women take more photos, naturally ♥
 Ibu Rayfal Fasha sandha and Mama Jibrael
My juniors in uni :)

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