Blush Iris and Pink Dahlia

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I can't believe it's almost Raya already. Time flies so fast.

This year, I have not been to even one Ramadhan bazaar. I don't mind anyway. It's either breaking fast to home-cooked meals at home or the not-so-frequent outings with family or friends, but mostly it's been eating out nearby the office because of work.

On two separate occasions, I wore similar, yet different dresses from Kimisonweb for break fast. The Iris and Dahlia dresses I wore are perfect for casual outings and are comfortable, breathable, and modest. But style is not compromised!

IRIS Dress 

I wore this dress for Iftar with my uni mates at Rebung, Bangsar.

This is a long sheer chiffon dress. Chose this because I really love the colour combination and I just had to pair it up with Pu3 Panelled Scarf I got from EILIYA during their launch the other day. I knew that this dress was made to be worn with the Scarf That I Love and I finally had the perfect event to wear it :)

This dress is totally sheer so I just wore a full-length long sleeved inner inside.No, it's not hot at all because the IRIS dress is very light and airy. 

What I Wore: 
Iris Sheer Dress in Blush from Kimisonweb
Pu3 Panelled Scarf at EILIYA
Heels from Charles & Keith
Handbag from Salvatore Ferragamo

The Dahlia dress is an A-shape modern chiffon jubah. It's more brighter and more colourful than the Iris that I chose so its great if you want to add a bit more colour in your dressing without going overboard. The difference between this dress and IRIS is that this one has lining so you won't need to wear any inner. 

Check out Kimisonweb, they have a variety of designs and colours. You'll be spoilt for choices!

May you all be blessed in your last days of Ramadhan! 


What I Wore: 
Dahlia Dress in Pink and Blue from Kimisonweb
PariPari Shawl at ilovetudung
  Pumps from Salvatore Ferragamo
Handbag  from Michael Kors

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  1. hey, u're lookin' really cute<3
    let's follow each other?


  2. salam nadia, i really like ur style and dress. would like to now ur height and size of ur dress. thank uuuuuuuu =)

  3. salam. hai.

    terima kasih sebab sis jadi sumber inspirasi saya dalam fesyen. sye suka tgk outfit2 sis yang sgt simple tapi elegan. serta tidak berlebihan....