Launch of Diana Amir x Emel By Melinda Looi : Raya 2013 Collection

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Salam dear readers.

I first met Diana Amir in June last year. We were in the same group when we went on our spiritual journey to umrah. It was as much as a life-changing experience for me as it was for her and we bonded instantly (True Love Part 1). A beautiful soul she is.

One day, she rang me up and asked for a favour to help her model for a fashion show. I agreed, not knowing what I was getting myself into.

She didn’t say a word after that. Much, much later I was approached by Melinda Looi’s team who told me that Diana had put my name as a participant for the Launch of a collection of tudungs {headscarves) labelled as “Diana Amir x emel by Melinda Looi”. I was surprised. Melinda Looi, the well-renowned fashion designer!!! When I agreed, I didn’t know that it was going to be this big. Ever the humble Diana. :)

The team quickly told me what the event is about.

The event is to launch “EMEL by Melinda Looi” Charity Raya Collection on 26th June 2013. All pieces are exclusive and limited-edition. The word emel is derived from the word amal which means hope, expectation, and aspiration. In Malay, it means good deeds or charity.  

My lovely friend Diana Amir is the guest designer for an exclusive range of headscarves to complement the clothing collection. I was very impressed with Melinda and Diana’s sincere efforts to promote modest fashion together with charity.

Big Hearts

I salute Melinda Looi’s effort to develop a charity fashion label as an on-going effort to help the less fortunate. A fashion designer promoting art while supporting charity at the same time deserves a lot of support.

A percentage of sales proceeds of this collection will be donated to Keluarga Besar Norlina Alawi Berhad (KBNAB, formerly known as Pusat Perlindungan PERNIM Berhad) which has been nominated as Diana’s charity of choice. Here’s a brief write-up with regards to the charity:

“The story of Puan Hjh Norlina Binti Hj Alawi and PERNIM began in 2001 when she offered shelter to a 23 year-old deaf woman who was 7 months pregnant. Love and maternal instinct led to her personally adopting the woman’s baby and subsequently, several other children of HIV/AIDS patients who had been orphaned or abandoned by their families.

This led to the establishment of Pusat Kebajikan Anak Pesakit HIV/AIDS Nurul Iman Malaysia (PERNIM) in March 2004. On 26th May 2006, she started Pusat Perlindungan PERNIM Berhad, which was then changed to Keluarga Besar Norlina Alawi Bhd (KBNAB) in March 2011. The “welfare centre” is in fact the residence of Puan Hjh. Norlina Binti Hj Nalawi and her husband, Lt. Kol. Hj. Roslan Bin Hj. Zakari.

The aim of KBNAB, as the name “Keluarga Besar” or “big family” implies, to offer its charges the opportunity to lead a normal life with a set of parents, many siblings, and access to religious and academic education.

To date, KBNAB houses 43 children – 7 of which are Norlina’s biological children, while the rest are adopted. 4 of her adopted children are HIV positive, but sadly, 2 of them have passed away.”

May God bless all of them and reward them for their efforts, kindness and generosity in helping the children.

Lets support them. Lets make charity, known or unknown, fashionable. (I hope you get what I mean)

Anyway, here’s a preview of Melinda’s first charity ready-to wear Emel by Melinda Looi Raya Collection 2013. Well, some of my favourite picks anyway!

 photo ML-DL-10020__front.jpg

 photo 1LaceRaya.jpg

 photo 2BampWRaya.jpg

 photo 3ColoursRaya.jpg

The launch will be on the 26th June 2013 at Islamic Fashion Festival (IFF) which will be held at PWTC. I have something to give away which may interest you all so stay tuned!


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  1. oh my! the collection is super gorgeous!

  2. This collection is amazing and masha'Allah her work for the charity is so nice.