Giveaway : Diana Amir x Emel Melinda Looi Fashion Show Tickets

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As I’ve mentioned in my previous post (see Launch of Diana Amir x Emel by Melinda Looi : Raya 2013 Collection), the Melinda Looi Launch Event will happen on 26th June 2013 at the Islamic Fashion Festival Kuala Lumpur @ PWTC. Apart from the fashion show of "emel by Melinda Looi", there will be a meet and greet session with Melinda Looi and Diana Amir and hi-tea session after that.

Melinda Looi has also roped in celebrities and bloggers to model their tudung collection. The line-up includes :- Natasha Hudson, Siti Nordiana, Salima Habibi, Anis Al Idrus, Ameera Zaini, Lynda Roslan and fellow bloggers Shea Rasol and Ami Schaheera.

Oh, and I’m told that Maya Karin will make an appearance too. It’s wonderful to see them support a good cause. Anyways, as I have mentioned, I have also been invited to take part in the Launch.I'll be modelling the tudungs (headscarves) on stage on that day. Like I said, I didn't know what I was getting myself into when I agreed to do this so I hope I don't look too awkward up there. Hehe. May God help me pull it off! 

So if you want to have the chance to attend and catch the Launch live, be amongst the first to grab the exclusive emel tudungs which will be sold at the Launch and rub shoulders with the celebrities on that day, here’s your chance!

I have four tickets for the fashion show to giveaway. All you need to do is LIKE my blog's Facebook page (click link) and answer the following question on the blog's Facebook page (so it would be easier to know who you are) or otherwise you can just answer in the comment box below but leave your name and email okay:-

If you could have your own charity organization, 
what cause would you take up?

I will choose four readers with the best answers. Send in your answers before 18th June 2013.

All the best!!! :)

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  1. Hi sisz...i'm interested... I'm not good in English but i'm trying to answering in english.. If i could have my own charity organization, I will think of welfare .. what I do is sincere because the Creator.. Thats it.. This is not about money but this is about people... :)

    My name : Nor Diana Binti Nor Azhar
    My email : or


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  3. Name : Aishah Azman Shah

    If I could have my own charity organization, I will cater to the needies. That would be my main agenda, besides taking the society's attention on the poverty that seems to rise each year. How do I get society's attention? My goal is to gather people to hear motivational talks, or better, spiritual talks that could boost our level piety. I would like to depart from to common path taken by people, although there are some who have done this, I aim to make this beneficial to everyone and would love for it to be a norm for everyone, instead of 'a one time thing'. It is easy to say that we can always ask for donations to provide to the needies, but wouldnt it be wonderful if talks like these are to be held. Not only that they would be eye-opening, for many of us to realize that we are indeed very lucky, while others are unfortunate. Besides that, I have always dreamt of building an orphanage, for children who have lost their parents or are abandoned. I would give a chance for qualified parents, to adopt and provide some love that the children have never felt. I believe having a charity organization means to give back to the people. Even if it's a simple act of kindness. To some, this might be a vision that is unlikely to be achieved, but I have been told that dreams and visions will make things happen.

  4. السلام عليكم
    If i can have a charity organization,it would be an organization that help muslims in rural area to hv better understanding about islam by education and by providing basic necessities for them.
    Name: hanis farhana binti mohd hisamuddin

  5. Salam sis. I'm farhana from Terengganu.If I got the chance to have my own charity organization, it would be my pleasure to help these special children and children which needed us to bring them back towards the right path. Generally, I would like to help our children and y generation today, to give them lead to face our world today and help them with our sincerity. These needed children and special children need our motivations, and for sure our absence as their parents and have their faith on us to help them besides they need their own confidences. Thats all from me. Thank you sis.
    Lets our words be the prayers for everyone.

    Farhana bt. Jamil,19
    Email :

  6. name : zubaidah
    email :

    If i could have my own charity organization , i will make it for an orphanage since i am the orphan too but Alhamdulillah , with the blessed and rezeki from Allah , he gave me a strong mother to raised me up until today.

    I know how the orphans feelings when see people playing around with their parents bacuse i feel the same feeling. I can say that with the bless from Allah SWT , my mum always give the best for me so i know how they are feel when have to stay at the orphanage house as everything need to be shared.

    So if i have a change to organize a charity event , i will organize an organization which can make them live better , have a good education and be a better person in future.

    Not because of i am orphan too , i will do it because not many people like to do for an orphan and they only get a lots of foods during Ramadhan & Syawal and after that ,there are no celebration for them .

  7. Name: Malinishifa

    Salam, if i have the chances to own my own organization, i would love to help the homeless especially in the Kuala Lumpur itself.
    Not that our government did not provide them the necessity but than, that is why the Non Government Organization were built up to help them right.
    I did experience doing charity work under my college organization, we provide food and clothes by cooking, packing and distribute to the homeless in Kuala lumpur.

    By that, i would love to help the homeless by providing them food, warm blankets and suitable clothes for them. we as a human being must have the "sifat" of wanted to help each other in order to make us as a good individual. moreover, by providing them food, this will reduce the possible crime that might happen. as we know in Kuala Lumpur anything could happen.

    This kind of work would really teach us how to be patient, learn more to appreciate life and thankful to Allah for giving us opportunity to live in a good condition in order to help the needy, insyaAllah. hopefully.

  8. It is of course for my brothers and sisters in Palestine, Syria, Gaza and Lebanon. At this level what I can do is only to bank in some money hoping the money will get through to them, but with own charity organization I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have to worry about it anymore. With this cause for charity I believe I can be happy knowing I help my brothers and sisters and what my answer will be when He asked me in the afterlife.

  9. Sorry, forgot to leave my details

    Nur 'Izzati Mohd Sohimi

  10. If i could own any charity organization,it will be concern about kids,orphanage.I will build a charity home for the abandon kids,many we can see be a beggar,labour,'anak-anak lorong' at the very young age when they are suppose to have fun at school instead.along with jabatan kebajikan masyarakat,i'll provide the best shelter and ensure that they will get an education for their best future

  11. Name : Syarifah Haafirah bt Said Md Hassan
    Email :


  12. If you could have your own charity organization,
    what cause would you take up?

    i want to organise a place for a homeless especially Muslim homeless. Apart from that , i will provide them a skill class where after they have been through for that i will give them a work.

    why ? Its simply because nowsaday we can saw many homeless are everywhere especially in Kuala Lumpur , it is very give bad impact or image to to the foreigner. i'm also had a chance to feed them before.

    EMAIL :

  13. Here's to support your giveaway
    Good luck for the show! Here's my answer:
    I have joined many charity programs throughout the years. From tutoring in an orphanage, cleaning toilets in the Pusat Jagaan OKU to serving food to the poor at soup kitchens. All in all, I find that each and every one of the charity programs would make a difference, not only in other people's lives but also in mine. Through these programs, I have met different types of people of different ages from different backgrounds and I've come to realize how hard life can be for others. If I had my own charity organization, I would not concentrate on one cause. I would rather build my own foundation and cater to as many causes as I can. Single mothers, orphans, old folks, refugees, the underpriviliged and the disabled.
    It's not really about quantity, rather the ability to help others regardless of who they are and where they come from. I would lend a helping hand to anyone who needs it. Anyone at all, and in any way I can.

  14. good day EARTH.nic i am pastor James a owner of charity organization in Africa i have a lot of orphanage who need your help to be healthy please people help the children cause they are the lenders of tomorrow any you help milt be the one to help you back tomorrow cause we don't no how the future will be so please people help the child i will also want to say thank to some people that has been helping the children both financial and other thing i want to say thanks that god will bless you for me and will not let money to dry from you pocket that is my prayer for you,in Jesus name (amen) here is my email if you we love to help the orphanage charity organization .. ( and i hoping to get your email to help gods bless all of you for me once again email me on THANKS...