Day 2 KLFW RTW 2013 : When Our Eyes Met & Mimpikita : Fashion Lovers Unite

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 photo 1IMG_1835.jpg

L-R : 
Putri Azalea Ramli of Pu3 Designs, 
Alia Alizar of Yadotsa, myself and 
Min Ramli of When Our Eyes Met

20th June 2013 - Day Two of the Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week Ready to Wear 2013. I just HAD to attend my cousin Min's When Our Eyes Met Ready-To-Wear fashion showcase. Wouldn't have missed it for anything. There was also the showcase of Mimpikita, Zero to Ten and For All by Villiam Ooi too. As I mentioned in my earlier post, the pieces of When Our Eyes Met's collection are very edgy and unique. Just like my cousin Min :) Min's creativity and her personality shines through her pieces. Instead of going for colour, her whole collection was all black. Min focused and played with the material and unique geometric cuts. I loved the idea of the all black, edgy collection.

This was in contrast to Mimpikita's pieces. It was soft and beautiful but it was very nice. I managed to capture a few of my favourites from their collection eventhough my pictures are not very clear. There are a number of items which I would love to have in my wardrobe. I quite like some of the flowy pieces by Villiam Ooi as well.

I personally find some pieces very inspiring. The only challenge for me would be to mix and match the pieces with a jacket for those sleeveless dresses, inner for the see-through pieces and looser pants instead of the tight ones.   

I have been asked  by a lot of people where I got the scarf I wore that day. It's actually from Yadotsa which was from their Galaxia collection. I got them before I was hospitalized last year and it was the first time I ever wore it. I'm in love with the galaxy inspired patterns. I think you can tell because I have the skirt too. (and top).

Below are some of the pictures taken during the show and the beautiful friends and fashion lovers I met  on that day.

Oh. It's already 23rd June 2013! Happy birthday Min & Cho! Congratulations on your success and proud of you girls!

 photo 2woem.jpg

When Our Eyes Met.

 photo 3IMG_1817.jpg

the designer behind When Our Eyes Met, Min. Proud of you cuzzie.

 photo 4mimpikita.jpg


 photo 5forallbyvilliamooi.jpg

For All by Villiam Ooi

 photo 6fashiondesigners.jpg

fashion designers and business owners unite! 
Alia of Yadotsa, Azalea of Pu3, Esmila Safri of Suri Lana, 
Nurul Zulkifli and Mira Zulkifli of Mimpikita, 
Raja Noora Ashikin of Zaza Apparels and Adrina Osman of Tri-Os KL

 photo 7IMG_1820.jpg

 With always pretty and stylish Alia Alizar of Yadotsa. My scarf is from Yadotsa!

My plus twos. BFFs. Ruzana Ibrahim and  mommy to Daris, Shima Adrina.
Thank you for coming and supporting When Our Eyes Met!

 photo 9fashionlovers.jpg

Beautiful fashion lovers.
L-R, : Jihan Rajak, Hanis Zalikha, Sandra Foo and Huda Lim

 photo 9IMG_1737.jpg

Seated next to Cho my cuzzy. 

 photo 10FVSMS.jpg

Business owners. Vivy Yusof and Elia Izzati, 
founders of Fashion Valet and of Shop Muslim Style respectively.
Vivy's giving birth anytime soon. May God make it easy and beautiful for her.

 photo 11IMG_1841.jpg

Ende Cho, my aunt. Kindhearted and generous soul. 
Thank you for the gift. Thank you for always being thoughtful and thank you for everything.

 photo 12IMG_1724a.jpg

Compulsory look shot. :)

I'll be blogging about Day 3 KLFW 2013 presented by Islamic Fashion Festival soon, if God wills it. Wait for it!

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