MY ABP BH 2012 Experience : Part 1 : Why I Was There & What I Wore

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A few people have been asking me on my @rnadiasabrina IG account and twitter, 
so here goes ... :)

On the night of 4th April 2013, my cousin Yeop Rizal and Yong Fasha Sandha came to visit us at home together with my aunt, uncle and Rayqal. We had an awesome dinner cooked by my mum. After dinner, all of a sudden she asked me whether I could help her out as a favour. She said it was a work-related matter and that she wanted me to go to Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian (#abpbh) on her behalf.

I wasn’t sure. I was very hesitant. It has been a while since I last went to any big events. Ever since I came out of the hospital I have not been myself especially in places with so many people. The most recent two events I went to, a wedding of a friend and a dinner event on health in Jakarta, didn’t go too well for me. I was overwhelmed by the occasion. By the crowds of people. By the loud noises. By everything. There were just too many triggers that made me break down, eventhough I was okay most of the time.

However at the same time, I consciously realize that I have to fight this mental block. To try and return to my normal self especially when it comes to being out of my own home. My comfort zone. It takes a lot of effort. Every smile is a battle. Every step outdoors is a struggle. People may not know how I feel inside as I’m smiling almost all the time. (Especially in pictures) But it is very hard. But I still try my very best. 

After much persuasion by Fasha and after a discussion with the husband we only agreed to represent them to ABPBH the next day. I thought of wearing one of my Pu3 Designs long sleeved long dresses. Suddenly, on Saturday the 6th of April, I received a whatsapp picture of the invitation card. The theme was “Ledakan Geometri”. Yikes! (My best translation:  Geometrical Outburst?? I suppose..) 

The Passes : Invitation card, Holding Room Pass, Car Pass and After Party Pass

I became even more nervous. I didn’t have anything to suit the theme. Plus it was formal blacktie! Buying something to wear just for the event a day before was a big no-no, but I didn’t want to stand out in the crowd. In the wrong way!!

When I received the whatsapp I was actually on my way to a get-together with close friends at my friend Fahima Salleh’s place before she goes off to perform her umrah. It was fun to meet my sisters but part of me was still thinking about whether or not to go and what to do about the theme. I didn’t realize it was that obvious because Hasanah asked me with a concerned look, “What’s wrong babe?”. Then I realized that I was being silly worrying over it so I just explained to her. 

I didn’t anticipate their reaction. They were so excited for me and pushed me even further to go. These girls knew of my episodes with big events but they insisted that I’ll be okay. Seriously, they were cheering me on and rooted for me. They decided that I was going and in less than an hour they decided what I should wear. Hehe.

My bestfriend Shereen Bahawi had something for me to wear, instantly, to go with the theme. She had a geometrical patterned kurung dress made by Rizalman. She offered a matching bag, shoes and gold bangle as well and Hasanah Hilmi told me she had juusttt the right shawl to go with the whole look. 

Yes, us sisters, we share our clothes among other stuffs. 

Continuous praises to the Creator for my God-sent sisters! Alhamdulillah.

So in the end I wore everything they gave to me. My style directors, wardrobe managers, cheerleaders and supporters all rolled into two beautiful souls. The only thing that was mine was the inner from I Love Tudung which I find so comfortable and love so much. It covers the neck so its really practical if I wear a lowcut dress too. Since the sleeves were just a bit short for me, I also wore my navy blue inner garment for the forearms which I bought in Jakarta recently.

I would probably not have gone to the event if it weren’t for them, they encouraged me every step of the way. 

In the end, I'm glad I went. Thank you everyone!!! 

Will blog more about the event soon, God-willing.

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Top part

Bottom part

 photo 20IMG_4861a.jpg

I love Aida's Makeup. 
Light and natural :) 
This picture was taken when I reached home. 
Not even a smudge!

 No Fit Flops. 
It has been a long while since I last wore heels. 
Wore 'em the day before for Khubs birthday though.

 Only fit the necessaries :)

 photo 7IMG_4863a.jpg

Classic Pari Pari Style for the event :)

What I Wore :
Kurung dress : Rizalman

(Check out #pariparishawls & #pariparishawl as well as @ilovetudung on Instagram)

Inner : I Love Tudung

Make Up : Aida G

Hijab Tutorial : Pari Pari Style

Clutch : Louis Vuitton

Shoes : Giuseppe Zanotti Peeptoe Heels

To be continued...

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  1. Cantek!

    Salam kenal
    Saya pun nadia juga :)

  2. salam petang,dya follower sini ya..
    akk dh semakin familiar dah skg ni..cantik baju dress mlm abp2012..

  3. Akak, if u dont mind..blh tak share akak pkai lense ape? Cantik. Natural sangat.. Tq

  4. Assalamualaikum saudari, jika benar apa yang saudari akui dari kebanyakkan nukilan sebelum ini dimana diri saudari bertambah dekat dengan Allah selepas beberapa ujian yang telah menimpa, alhamdulillah dan jika itu sememangnya benar, maka jauhilah tempat2 maksiat sebegini, bersekongkol dengan aktiviti yang langsung tidak membantu agama Allah kerana sesungguhnya orang2 beriman itu semakin hari hanya semakin berusaha mendekatkan diri dan memperhambakan diri hanya kepada Allah SWT. Barangkali anak saudari sendiri sedih melihat dari pintu syurga setiap kelaku ibubapanya di dunia ini. Jika tiada belas, kasihankanlah diri saudari sendiri. Wallahualam. Yang baik dari Allah, yang buruk dari saya sendiri hamba naif saling menasihati sesama saudara seislam.

  5. hi, Assalamualaikum.I'm Wannie. best entry2 disini. datang singgah blog saya yea. Salam ukhwah :)

  6. Salaam,
    I'm from the uk and don't normally follow blogs esp hijab blogs as they annoy me but yours is perfect abit of fashion, abit of reflection abit of everything, randonly came across it when searching for a bag that i like. thanks maybe we in the UK can learn a thing or two from you!! Also love your makeup, can I buy that in the UK, all my eyeliners smudge and I look like a panda by the end of the day even though I wear minimal