Saturday, August 25, 2012

Hijab Tutorial : Pari-Pari Style

Salam Syawal everyone, hope you had a very fulfilling Ramadhan =)

I took some time off in the month of Ramadhan to recharge my spiritual batteries, and it was an amazing experience. I'm really sad it ended so soon. However, in the spirit of Syawal, I'm here with a treat! Since I have been inundated with a lot of requests asking me how I wear my hijab, I've decided to share how I wear the hijab. I'm not too good with video tutorials and there are already loads of very useful videos out there, so what I've done is to prepare some simple pix-by-pix steps which I hope is clear and useful.

Actually, I had already planned to share how I don the hijab since late last year. I had these pictures taken way back in November 2011, but some of you will know that that was the time when suddenly work started to become really hectic, so these step-by-step pics were unfortunately left rotting in its poor file somewhere until I remembered about them and then dug them up recently (today).