20.12.2012 : heartfelt

11:30:00 PM


You're loved and appreciated.

Children do not realize

As children we can't fully comprehend
or fully realize
The meaning of a mother's love,
how tender and how wise,
Her patience and her guidance,
her helpful, caring ways,
The special, thoughful things she does
To brighten up the days.
Years go by, before we know
the depth of her concern,
The love in her protectiveness-
it takes so long to learn..

But as we grow,
we understand,
for we look back and see,
Through older eyes
and wiser hearts,
her love and loyalty.
It's these and many other things
that make her grow more dear,
More admired
and more appreciated
with every passing year.

You're a wonderful mother.
You're a beautiful person.
You listen with your heart.
You're always giving.
You deserve the best."

 Heartfelt words above are contained in a Card expressing exactly how I feel about my mother :)

8.11.2012 Day 8 at the Hospital with my beloved Wan

Wan ibu tercinta,

Happy Birthday. I mean it from the deepest depths of my heart when I say that if only I had known then what i know today, I would not have been as stubborn and as rebellious as I was when I was younger or in the past. Boy, I must have been hard to raise.

Alhamdulillah another year has passed. For being the strong person that you are and the sacrifices that you've made as a mother, you deserve the best in the Hereafter, our ultimate goal and final place of abode.

You are always in my prayers and i pray that you will always be blessed with contentment in this temporary world and true bliss and happiness in the Afterlife, insya Allah.

You are my biggest inspiration and I draw all my strength of motherhood from your example.

Lots of love from your daughter. 

Some pictures of me and my mother, taken from an old post, parental love :)

For always taking care of me
Your silent sacrifices can never be repaid. I love you very much Wan

Young chubby me

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  1. salam kak.

    saya doa kan akak tabah to face all those ujian dari Allah. saya tahu kisah akak dari kawan saya, dia yang bagitahu pasal blog akak plus mom in law akak , dr roselainy tu lecture kami. proud to have her as our Math lecturer.

    boleh sy suggestkan something? this is an alternative way saja utk bantu akak dan Jibrael.

    akak cubalah guna herbalife product. herbalife product bukan saja utk gain/lose weight but herbalife products supply nutrition to our body.
    mana tahu dgn nutrisi yg terdapat dlm herbalife dpt bantu bina balik segala cells utk water break tu.

    kebanyakan ibu mengandung sekrag pun amik herbalife utk energy during pregnancy, and give nutrition to their body.

    insya Allah kak selagi kita usaha, Allah akn bantu kita.
    org yg tabah ni hasil dia lumayan.

    mtk maaf kl ada terguris kata.

  2. semoga cepat sembuh sis..pray 4 u

  3. semoga sis sentiasa dirahmati Allah. terlalu byk pengorbanan seorg ibu dan juga apa yg sabrina lalui sekg, percayala, pintu2 syurga terbuka luas atas pengorbanan sabrina utk si kecil itu... janji Allah itu pasti. perempuan mengandung adalah umpama syahid ke jalan Allah. take care and always pray for you

  4. I alwayz pray for sis....

  5. Dear sabrina.. maybe u can try to google molecular reform therapy.. im not sure kalau ianya bole membantu.. therapy tu dpt nobel prize.. i doakan u n jibrael.. take care babe..