Monday, October 17, 2011

The Beautiful Solemnization Ceremony of Shereen Bahawi & Sheikh Hafeez

I witnessed the beautiful solemnization of my dearest sister Shereen in the morning and then the Minang reception for relatives and friends in the afternoon (her engagement you can read about in my previous posts The Engagement of Shereen Bahawi & Hafeez and Shereen & Hafeez:Part II).

Like I
've mentioned before, Shereen and I are like sisters in that we are both the only daughters in our family, and we share a lot of things from clothes to other things that I'd rather not mention here. :p As classmates and cheerleaders together in high school, we have both seen each other grow; we remained close friends even when distance and our life path tore us physically apart. And I still cherish the fact that we went on a random trip just to see Coldplay in Melbourne Australia together too, with a banner made with lots of love from Malaysia (our efforts were not in vain because Chris Martin spotted it!) and our hilarious determination to get as closest to the stage as possible! Finally, we managed to stand at the second row near the stage, so we got a close up view. That is a story for another day :)