Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Carnaval Cranium

Had another reunion with my ex-colleagues for buka. After the last Meat Meet, we weren't sure of where to meet up. But when Shah recommended another meat place in our email correspondences and after reading about the restaurant, we couldn't say no! We went to this place called Carnaval Churrascaria, Brazillian Buffet at Damansara Jaya. It was a buffet but not in the traditional sense. It was a 'brazilian buffet' and apparently this is how buffets are in Brazil. The only food at the buffet bar were the salad and pasta.

As for the meat, the waiters and waitresses go from table to table with them, in long metal rods and politely ask you whether you'd like a helping. They then cut the meat off the skewers with scary knives literally 3 inches away from your face! A bit scary but it's a new experience because its the one buffet where you don't have to stand up to refill. They bring the meat to you on your table non-stop and it's a silent war between you and the waiters: who gets tired first? We thought we had won when the waiters stopped coming by, and we had to call them for more meat, but then ultimately the waiters rallied and we had to give in after so many rounds.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Meat Meet : Izan's Surprise

Hello dear readers. Some of you might have arrived at your hometown or are preparing for raya tomorrow. Me? I'm on the road, on my way to visit my grandfather and meet up with my relatives in Perak. My husband is driving at a leisurely pace. Especially because it's quite scary that there has already been a reported 78 fatalities on the road in just four days! (Got that from yesterday's New Sunday Times, front page). Please stay safe everyone.
Anyway, since it's a quite slow and long ride, I've decided to blog while singing along to songs in the car on shuffle :)
Some time in July, i met up with my friends at Meatworks Solaris Mont Kiara. These friends are my ex-colleagues from the previous firm that I chambered in and practiced at. Most of them are no longer there so it's harder to meet up as everyone works at different places as of now. However, we keep in touch with everyone via email and make it a point to meet up and plan a gathering every other month or so. Keeping up by email with these guys means that every single topic will run up to 'hundreds' of emails. Even if sometimes I get too busy to reply to the emails, I will always read the emails at the end of the day because these guys are very funny in a weird and crazy way. I love them! They were the reason why working there was so fun and enjoyable.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Shai's Shindig

Last week, we had an iftar cum birthday celebration of my BFF, Shai at KGPA. The whole shindig was organized by her hubby who told her they were celebrating her birthday, but 'forgot' to mention that he invited 27 of her closest friends as well.

I have never been to KGPA to break fast before and was very surprised at the quite extensive variety of food on display, and also the number of people that day. It was quite a lot. While most people were queuing up for the BBQ, pasta, roast lamb, ikan bakar (grilled fish), yong tau foo, roti canai, murtabak, kueyteow goreng, roti john, nasi ayam etc etc, I went mostly for their Malay cooked spread. I attacked their sambal tempoyak, ikan patin masak gulai tempoyak and also their steamed ikan patin. That was seriously the bomb! I couldn't stop eating. I had a few rounds of the scrumptious food.

Shadows upon all mankind

Finally, I have the time to blog! I'll be on leave for one whole week this Eid al-Fitr raya holidays. Forced leave. My husband is still working today and tomorrow though. So while he is at the office, I'll blog away :)

Here's a lookpost on what I wore to Shai's Shindig taken earlier in the afternoon when I left the office on a weekend (:p) for Shai's birthday surprise.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Used to be My Playground

Don't we miss being carefree?

In this Next Instalment of Reflections of Raya : (Part 1, 2, 3)
I've come up with a theory: You can never really get a grasp on how fast time flies, until you step into your old playground and face your memories. This used to be the playground I hung out with some my closest school friends whom I spent each and every day recessing with, the SB . The first time we went there was when we were 14 years old. It's been more than ten years since, and stepping into the playground, with the swings suddenly a lot lower than it used to be, the slides no longer high and daunting (in fact, it can no longer fit you!), you suddenly realize just how big you've grown and how time has flown.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Reflections of Raya 2010: 3

After a month of fasting, one of the best parts of Raya is of course, the open houses! I truly look forward to the open houses because that is the time where we get to be in the company of our dearest relatives and friends who we haven't seen in a while. Last year was no different. And not to mention the FOOD. The array of kuih raya (cookies) and the food spread inclusive of the obligatory rendang and lemang/ketupat.. *drools*

I was invited to Hudaa's open house last year, and that only means one thing: Hudaa's famous BAKSO. Seriously it is to die for. All of her friends know that come Raya, that is one of the few must-haves. Hudaa, Lisa and Zaza are close friends who all have something in common: Brains with Beauty (I'm sure you will agree with me). Now, I don't get to meet with them often, so it's nice to just get to really sit down and catch up with them, regardless of the fact that we'll be sweating while enjoying the extra hot bakso and going back for seconds (and thirds and forth serving). Hihih. :)

At Noorul-Hudaa's with Zaznuriah @ Zaza and Lisa Surihani :)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Reflections of Raya 2010: 2

This is a continuation from Reflections of Raya 2010 :1. On the second day of Eid last year, I visited my Tok in Perak. We stayed the night before going to Penang. We spent a few days in Penang, visiting all sorts of attractions such as the butterfly farm, the jetties, the beach and much much more. I love Penang. The island, the place, and the FOOD! Oh yes. (Penang posts click here). Pictures below!

Some of my many many cousins. Ika, Amy & Ira.
My handsome Tok <3

Reflections of Raya 2010: 1

Since we're already in the fasting month, I just realized that amongst my many neglected and yet-to-be-uploaded posts was supposed to be about my Raya (Eid Al-Fitr) last year which I haven't gotten round to do. So in an attempt to get it done(!) I'm going to just quickly share some pictures with you guys.

Last Raya was the first Raya I spent as a wife to my husband, and I experienced for the first time having to divide Raya between families. I suppose it was made easier because both of our families lived in KL, but on the second day of Raya, I went to Perak to visit my Tok before going of on a short family trip to Penang which you can read more about The Little Gems of Penang, Travelled Streets of Penang, Imperfections Are Beauteous and From Penang to Perak :)

For last year, I wore mostly last-minute-buys cotton baju kurung from Ampang Park. I bought my baju kurungs from Ampang Park literally the day before Raya, and I love cotton baju kurungs because it is fuss-free, very light and breathable to wear during the hot days here in Malaysia. <3

The Night Before Raya:

My cousins were playing with Fire Crackers in the background

Wacky & Loved Cousins

Monday, August 1, 2011

How I Spent My Last Weekend Before Ramadhan : CaptainAmerica,La Bodega,Pu3,Office,Safiyya

On Saturday, I pretty much spent the whole day sleeping in and chilling with my husband at home to make up for the lack of sleep this past month. At night, I went to visit my in-laws' new house. It's a kampung styled house which is very nice. After that I went to see Captain America for the second time since I dozed off the first time I watched it. Not because it was boring, but because I was too tired when I watched it at midnight last Thursday as I slept less than two hours the night before. Oh, by the way, I AM IN LOVE WITH THE CAPTAIN!! :D

On Sunday, I had an impromptu brunch with some of my girlfriends at La Bodega. The initial plan by Hasanah was supposedly to have breakfast at Levain (pronounced as leh-vaahn) at 8 a.m on a Sunday but I guess most of us were not sure if we could go out that early, so the plan was shifted to La Bodega at 10 a.m.

I wasn't that hungry and wasn't really in the mood to eat anything. In fact, I didn't even order any food at all. But when I saw the waiter serving Asyraf's meal, I quickly changed my mind. Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon and Hollandaise sauce.. made my mouth water and changed my 'not-hungry' status to 'I-want-me-some-of-that!'. Seriously, it looked delicious and it tasted just as good as it looked! Eventhough my friends actually said that I am biased because I would just order anything with salmon in it. Whatever! Anyway, the rest of the food were just as good.