Monday, June 27, 2011

Coco Tei

I know it's been too long since my last post. Work has been really hectic for me. I'm enjoying the challenge though. In fact, I just got back after spending 10 hours in the office. Not the best way to spend my Sundays, but I'm really satisfied that I managed to complete my work. :) Anyways, I've been meaning to publish this post for a while but I could only publish this post now because blogging on weekdays at the moment is impossible. Maybe in the future, things will change hopefully.

I never got around to blogging about Hajime. It was probably the best Japanese restaurant in KL for me, and I enjoyed my trips there. I went there for lunch and dinner and whenever I felt down and needed a little pick-me-up (sushis and sashimis are my cure-alls to any problems and always lifts my spirits up). Sometime early this year, they closed down without warning and left its regulars scrambling to find alternatives =( But, it just wasn't the same (Fukuharu came closest, though. Read about it here).
Date for the night.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hi guys, I'm back! I know I've been MIA for almost 2 weeks without any updates here. Truth is there are just too many things to blog about but I have been really tight up with work, family and other things these past few weeks. In fact, I just got back from my brother-in-law's wedding just now. This has been long due so I'll just do a quick post on my visit to the incredible Museum Affandi in Jogja the same day I went to Kraton.

Me posing with the life symbol, the symbol Affandi draws on his favourite paintings

The late Affandi was an Indonesian artist from humble and simple beginnings, who started out drawing from left-over paint when he was working as a painter doing movie posters and billboards. He became famous and was then known worldwide for his unique expressionist paintings. The museum was one of the first places I planned and in fact I wanted to go there on my first day in Jogja (but I had to shuffle my plans). I can't describe how excited I was to go here. We went there with Ibu Kartika, Affandi's eldest daughter (also my dad's friend) as her guest. I guess I'll have to blog about her in another post.

So here I was, after arriving at the museum. The whole building s architecture was individually unique and the interior and exterior of each building was really artistic. The whole compound was where Affandi lived (his several houses were all in the compound) and it was even where he was buried. The compound now houses 4 galleries of Affandi's paintings and personal collection as well as his daughters' and grandchildren's paintings.

On my way to one of the galleries



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