The Queen of my Heart

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Before I go to sleep after a very long day celebrating Mother's Day with the mothers in my life (I'll have to blog about today later I think), in relation to my previous post (The Timely Reminders) I am suddenly remembered of something very interesting I learnt which I feel like sharing. There are five things in this world in which our Prophet says will give us pahala (rewards and blessings from God) just by setting our eyes upon them:

1. The walls of Kaabah
2. The words of the Qur'an
3. Water from the well of Zam-Zam
4. The face of our Parents
5. Observing the world and all of God's creations within it

After hearing this, I really felt the beauty of Islam. The mother who laboured so hard to bring us into this world, is also our gateway to heaven. Just by looking at her. This knowledge came just at the right time so close to Mother's Day. I know I have not been the best daughter to both of my parents even more so now that I am still struggling to juggle work and married life; I have less time to spend with them. But slowly I've come to realize just how hard it is to actually be a mother and that is why Islam gives the greatest of respect to mothers. I want to try be a better daughter and repay the best I can the unconditional parental love showered upon me. Hope you all had a Happy Mother's Day today and hopefully we can all find the time, not just today, to make our mothers feel special and make sure she knows that she is loved.

Wan, I love you with all my heart.

Ratu Hati by Innuendo's Pot Amir is my all-time favourite song dedicated to mothers and I will never tire of this song because there is just something in this song in the way it is sung, and in its meaning which really resonates with me and touches me deeply. My siblings and I have sung this song to our mother a few times throughout the years. The picture of me and my mum in this video is a captured moment that I'll always treasure.

Til my next post. Goodnight all.

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