Parental love

7:25:00 AM

Used to be my playground *humming Madonna's song*

These old scanned photos were taken by my dad. I assumed the one with him in it, was taken by my mum :) My dad used to take artistic shots around the UK when it was one of his most favourite hobby then. So I probably have thousands of photos of when I was little including those old school slides. Bear in mind nothing was digital back then.

These photos were all taken in my birthplace, London, and also around United Kingdom since my parents stayed there for more than 10 years to further their studies there. I guess, that is the reason why I will always have a soft spot for London. Even though the last time I was in London was in 2009, I would love to go back there again.

This post is dedicated to my parents who have bestowed the greatest love of all by always being there for me, supporting everything I do, accepting me for who I am and for sacrificing so much in the name of love for their children.

Parents love you unconditionally. No matter how they show it to us. All praises to God Almighty for the gift.

Anyway, these are my first few lookbooks, credits to my dad :)

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  1. You look almost exactly like your mother! Beautiful :D

  2. you really look like your mum. hihi. chubby masa kecik ek

  3. Nn : yeah, my mum's always beautiful. I just looked chubby in all the pictures hehe

    Eesyaheera : Yup so tembam dah besar baru lose weight a bit. Thanx for saying I look like my mum :) Ameen.

  4. comelnya..ur mum macam awk silap..awk mcm ur mum..sbijik ;)

  5. Alaaa rasa macam nak cubit pipi tu! Hehe. And you look sebijik like your mom! Especially in the last picture. Your mom is so gorgeous & stylo. Love her aviator! :)