Jagged blues

11:08:00 PM

I've been feeling the blues lately.
Thought I'd dress up according to my mood on a slow and lazy Sunday.

I love using my new Denim & Rose Pallette by Bobbi Brown. The range of colour in the pallete, especially the Pink Granite eye shadow & the Dark Rinse midnight blue Shimmer Wash eyeshadow are awesome. Oh, and I like the compact, denim-like cover too.

For you hijab wearers, I'm sure you can relate and know what I mean when there are times you are just too lazy to don the hijab properly. Well, this was one of those days! So I wore it loose and comfy without really fixing it up properly and caring exactly how it looked.

To top off the look, I used my studded leather bag bought from a boutique called Lulu in Seminyak, Bali.

The Black and Gold braided belt is from Zara.

The sky was clear as the shadows crept.

By the time I went out, the weather was nice and I was determined not to let the blues bring me down. I was ready to roll and meet up with my cousins! See ya later! ;)

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  1. nice hijab..can i know where u bought it? :)