Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Right after me and Rebrov had dinner at Pladib, we went for a walk at the area with lovely sights and lights. He typically took lots of photos since we loved the serene background at night.

I wore a long beaded skirt which was a gift from my dad and
I wore a vintage bag which I founf in my mum's wardrobe.

Getting the angles right.

How could i not be full after all the food that I had eaten at Pladib.

Rebrov, my date for the night. Love!

Monday, August 30, 2010

My Husband and I recently went on a date nite at Pladib (read about it here) and this is what we had (be warned, it's a LOT!). Just the two of us!

We ordered our drinks, mine was a specialty drink from Pla dib, the Mint Soursop Blast (soursop, mint leaf, pineapple juice, fresh lime & sugar syrup). Perfect combination I tell you!! My husband ordered the Strawberry Smoothie with ice-cream topping. Mine was superb, but my husband thought the strawberry smoothie was a little too sweet. (He does not like sweet food stuffs as much as I do). So his opinion only counts to those who does not have a sweet tooth :p

Since we were both hungry, we ordered two appetizers. Now this was the one I really wanted to try which came highly recommended from online reviews: The Salmon Labb. It was basically raw salmon slices with shoyu, chilli flakes roasted rice and lime juice! The portion was smaller than what I expected it to be, but it was super delicious. The different flavours really came together and combined well in the mouth. Thai-Japanese fusion yo! (Reasonably priced at RM10)

I don't know why, but I suddenly had the urge for shrimp, so we ordered the Raw Shrimp in Fish Sauce. Raw shrimp is not one of my favourite raw items when I go to any Japanese restaurant, but this is simply DIFFERENT. Just the right amount of chewy and a perfect balance sour from the sauce and sweet from the shrimp. Let me tell you, this was surprisingly even BETTER than the Salmon Labb. Don't let its simple / unappetizing look deceive you. My husband and I practically fought over the last piece o-gayh! (Priced at RM15 only)

This was the reason I came all the way to Seri Kembangan: I saw reviews on Pladib's famous Smoked Salmon Pizza (and the Salmon Labb). I am crazy over salmon! Now, after seeing the disappointing portions of the Salmon Labb, i expected the pizza to be similarly small but when the pizza came, WOW. It was quite big, and I definitely had to share it. Duh! The crust was very thin and crunchy, and the salmon slices were really thick. My poor husband suffered from salmon overdose! hahaha.

I also ordered the Mashed Potatoes and Wasabi because I was curious. This was simply scrumptious! The mashed potatoes were home-made with creamy chunky potatoes and the wasabi flavour was not that subtle, but explosive just the way I like it! The portion was generous and we scooped it up until the plate was clean. It left a lasting taste in the mouth, the wasabi was really strong. Maybe I should try to make this at home.

My husband ordered the Black Fried Rice with Squid Ink and Seafood. Now, we didn't know what the dish would look like and was somewhat surprised that it came with a raw egg on top. We were both apprehensive of this dish, and my hubby looked like he regretted ordering this. Personally, I was a bit sceptical myself when I looked at the dish.

But, don't judge a book by it's cover. Although the presentation was unique we didn't expect it to be thaaaat good! So apparently, this is how you eat the dish, you have to pour the egg onto the rice. The smoked salmon pizza was nicer than the salmon labb, but the black fried rice was probably the best dish we ordered for the night. It was a little bit sticky (caused by the egg) but it was hot, very spicy and really outstanding. Secukup-cukup rasa! (Everything was just right). If I had to explain, it tasted a little bit like Nasi Goreng Tomyam but 10000000 times better! This is a definite must try, guys! The winner. It looks simple, but underneath the rice there are huge chunks of generous fresh seafood. Oh, I'm drooling again as I'm typing this.

For dessert, I ordered the Home-made Durian Gelato which was quite nice I must say, and downed all the different flavours of the dishes I had today. That's expected, because it's durian! Creamy and pure! Although the durian was surprisingly not overpowering, it was the perfect ending to a wonderful fusion of flavours. Yummayh, this is.

Hubby ordered the Flame Crisp Mango with basil and vanilla ice cream, although they ran out of vanilla ice cream and replaced it with chocolate ice cream, which my husband doesn't normally like. I didn't try this because I was already so full, but my husband said it wasn't anything special (probably because of the chocolate ice cream).

So that's the long list of what we had at Pladib. Just the two of us. Anyone who truly knows me would know that I eat a lot! I have a big tank like some of my friends say. Haha. Pladib has branches in Bangkok, Singapore and this outlet in Seri Kembangan is obscurely placed, but well worth the trip there.

Pladib is definitely on my must-visit again list. I came for the Salmon Labb and Smoked Salmon Pizza, which was delightful for a salmon-freak like me but the simple-looking shrimp and black fried rice were definitely must-try dishes which were unexpected. Sometimes you find something better unexpectedly if you just give it a try. The Thai-Japanese fusion was crayzeehh!!! Can't wait to go again!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Finally! Yesterday my Khubster and I went out on a long awaited date. It was the first time since we could properly go out together. (He was extremely busy with work and I have been staying at home all the time as I haven't been in the best of health at present).

The Restaurant that brought us here. Click Dipping Deep into Pladib.

The restaurant was near the Mines, Seri Kembangan. I wasn't sure what to expect and I was surprised to discover that it was a very beautiful place with a beautiful lake.

The highlight of the beautiful scenery must be the BLACK SWANS!!! The animals were beautiful and made my day. Totally! :)

We first decided to sit outside by the lake to enjoy and absorb the scenery. The backdrop, with the lake was soooooooooooo nice, kan? It was the perfect romantic setting..

However, we decided to move and sit nearer to the restaurant because there were noisy patrons from the nearby restaurants who were also very LOUDLY excited by the scenery. They then decided to take pictures of the scenery (no problem with that) but the problem is they decided to do it exactly where OUR table was. Their loudness was so distracting and spoiling the romantic mood so we decided to move inside. Haha. No offence when I go out with friends we are somewhat loud as well, and yesterday we just wanted to have a quiet romantic dinner without people crowding around behind our table for some reason when they could have gone elsewhere.

I pretty much already had in mind what to order, but Pla dib's menu features some really unique food and we couldn't wait to try some of their dishes.

This is me with some of the food I ordered (from left: Black Fried Rice with squid ink and seafood, smoked salmon pizza and wasabi mashed potatoes)

Click here for a scrumptious review of the food we ordered at Pla dib. The food there was so fantastic that I decided to open a new post just to talk about the food! :) Yum!

After the dinner, we had a slow evening walk by the lakeside and that was how I met this handsome and sexayyyh frog prince. Fatty frog still didn't change into a handsome prince even after I kissed it. Just as well because maybe the frog prince isn't for me. Ladies, can someone please claim this adorable frog next time you are there?

It was a wonderful dinner and just sitting there and walking by the lakeside was really nice for me, especially since I haven't been out for a proper date in so long. Gosh, this was a perfect night out.

From the Mines, we went straight to Subang Jaya to this mamak place where fellow Tottenham Hotspur supporters in Malaysia (my Khubby supports them) meet to watch live Spurs matches. We went there because there was a launch of the official Tottenham Hotspur fan club Malaysia. That's my Uncle Cijan who is also a Spurs supporter. They even renamed the alley to White Hart Lane, which is the name of Spurs' stadium. And guess what, I am officially the first female Tottenham Hotspur Fan Club member! We stayed and all watched football together, but Spurs lost and there were chairs flying around. Haha. Men.

My L.O.V.E.

All in all, yesterday was a very lovely, enjoyable and satisfying long awaited night out for me =) For the past few weeks I only stayed at home and didn't go out. because I couldn't So this excursion to a nice restaurant serving lovely food and a beautiful scenery which created a really romantic setting for me and mi amore was just what I needed to lift my spirits up. Thanks to my husband a.k.a mi amore a.k.a my partner in food loving. :)) When times are rough, all we need to do is count our blessings. Blessed, All praises to the Almighty :)

Til my next post, and the next date night!



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