Fatty Crabs

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Yesterday, I went to Fatty Crab with some of my closest friends in school: Ruzana Ibrahim, Zarith Adzmiera (Yed / Ira), Shereen Bahawi (Sheer) and Fahima (Eima). Sheer brought along her boyfriend Hafeez, me and Eima brought our respective hubbies while Ruzana was on a date with Yed. We went to Fatty Crabs because almost all of us haven't been here before but we've heard so many things about it. I was particularly excited to see some of my friends who I haven't hung out ramai-ramai with for quite a while.

Khubby and I were a little late as we came from work (work never finishes early for us) and by the time we came, the rest had already ordered the food. The nasi goreng was excellent and really spicy, and the buttered prawns were simply succulent and delicious that we had to order more. The chili crabs were lovely too. It came with a very gooey sauce, although it was a.. how do I put it, real experience to eat the crabs here.

Delicious, easy on the eye, but................

Be warned, eating here is really messy. Each table was supplied with tools of mass destruction, utensils of torture for these poor little crabs. We were given hammers and pliers to smash the crab shells. I kinda felt sorry for these crabs, but then I remembered that the crabs were already cooked. It was fun for a while but after a while I had to ask my hubby to remove the shells for me as he happily smashed away.

Ruzana is obviously full, the rest caught in the act in contributing to the messy table

total damage done for the night

The whole table was a pile of mess, and the restaurant was fully prepared for that. The tables were covered with a thick removable table cloth so that the diners would enjoy the whole experience without having to worry about staining the place. They would clean up the tables pretty fast (there were a number of people waiting around the restaurant waiting for tables to be vacated).

shake, shake, shake it

Anyways after dinner, we proceeded to the normal photo session. Hehe. Zarith took out her really cool polaroid camera, where you have to shake it and instantaneously (well, after 2 minutes or so) you'd get instant pictures. I didn't know polaroids were still around. We took a polaroid photo for each of us (kesian Zarith kena restock nanti). She also took out her HD camera-recorder and we had fun with that too. She recorded a video of us with our super duper messy table. It was fun! :)

When Shereen had to leave we said our goodbyes, but just for good measure, we continued taking photos. Camwhores we are, guilty as charged! Taking pictures with them are fun because friends cheer you up, lift up your spirits and reinvigorate your zest for life. Whatever problems we face, stress or depressed, you forget all those for a while when you put on your best smile and take pictures with your friends. :) Pictures are also meant to capture the moments, am I right? It was a fun night, and fatty crabs was an experience we would like to go again. We even have our own BBM group now called, you guessed it, the FAT crabs.

Friends help you cross that obstacle together

Til my next crabby post!

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  1. salam..

    sorry to say this restaurant got no halal cert..